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What house could you buy where you live for £160,000?

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northerner Thu 20-Jan-05 12:56:56

We're thinking of selling our house. After having a look at a few in our price range I am bit dissapointed - would probably have to spend £200,000 to get what I want.

£160,000 is our price range but all we can get is ver small 3 bed semi or a run down victorian terraced house. Nothing stunning. Very average. Certainly nothing in the 'desirable' areas of town for this price range.

We're in Harrogate. Would be intersted to see what we could get for our money in other ares of UK.

I'm in Harrogate

littlemissbossy Thu 20-Jan-05 12:59:26

Probably only a flat or ex-council - North of Leeds

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 12:59:33

Message withdrawn

northerner Thu 20-Jan-05 13:01:42

Don't think I could persuade dh to move tbh - he loves this town!

kid Thu 20-Jan-05 13:02:06

My 2 Bed council flat in Hackney that I recently moved out of was valued at £155,000.

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 13:02:34

Message withdrawn

vict17 Thu 20-Jan-05 13:02:42

I'm in Kent and you could get a 3 bedroom terrace for that I reckon. (actually our house would probably go for that now and dh bought it for about £50,000 in 1993!!)

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 13:02:55

Message withdrawn

RudyDudy Thu 20-Jan-05 13:03:23

I'm in SW London and you could probably get a studio flat in a not great area or a lovely shoe box in a nice area

weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 20-Jan-05 13:04:19

Where I live in Bristol (not a desirable part of it but I can live with it) 160k would get a small 3 bed victorian semi. Nothing special or stunning, certainly. It might get a stunning 1 bed flat in some of the nicer parts of the city.

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 20-Jan-05 13:04:44

In Worcester, 25 miles south of Birmingham. Quite a desirable place to live due to easy motorway links, proximity to Brum but also very close to the Malvern Hills and lots of other scenic countryside areas.

For £160k in our area you can buy 2/3 bed flats, ex local authority 3 beds, modern 2/3 beds without garage.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 20-Jan-05 13:06:20

We're in Barnsley. You would get a large 3/4 bed detached house with garage and garden here.

serenity Thu 20-Jan-05 13:16:25

OK, the freebie paper just came and in there there is

152K 2 bed ex local authority flat

159K same 2 bed ex LA as me, a couple of blocks down in fact. (except ours isn't ex!)

165K 1 bed conversion flat

and thats about it

Don't move to London!

bonniej Thu 20-Jan-05 13:17:44

come to blackpool, you could get a mansion!

CountessDracula Thu 20-Jan-05 13:19:21

Oh dear

A studio apartment on a busy road!

Don't move here!

galaxy Thu 20-Jan-05 13:19:30

2 bed terrace here in West Surrey or a 3 bed ex council

hercules Thu 20-Jan-05 13:20:19

What's Barnsley like?

LouBeeLou Thu 20-Jan-05 13:20:28

northerner don't move out of Harrogate!!

I will find you a nice house.

Actually have heard of a couple, not sure if you'll be keen but I'll mail you some info.

suzywong Thu 20-Jan-05 13:21:04

you would get

laughed at

if you came up with that sort of money in the part of North London I used to live in. Probably why we never got on the property ladder

lalaa Thu 20-Jan-05 13:23:24

reasonable flat (2 beds) in a OK/slightly not OK area, I think, here in Bath.

northerner Thu 20-Jan-05 13:24:32

LouBeeLou - not serious about leaving Harrogate. Just curious as to what our money would get us elsewhere that's all!

Tissy Thu 20-Jan-05 13:30:22

4 beds, detached, land near Kilmarnock!!

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 20-Jan-05 13:30:33

Barnsley's nice. Plenty of countryside around if you want it, good shopping facilities, friendly people and there are some lovely areas to live.

misdee Thu 20-Jan-05 13:31:05

maybe a 2bed house (herts), if your lucky and dont want a 'good' area'.

nice area, errr 1bed flat?

marthamoo Thu 20-Jan-05 13:32:09

It would get you ours in Macclesfield, with some left over. 4 bed Weaver's cottage, large rooms, small garden, no off-street parking.

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