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Eye lid lift

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Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 12:30:04

Message withdrawn

mears Thu 20-Jan-05 12:32:13

My MIL is getting one next week on NHS. Not for cosmetic purposes but because her lids have become so droopy they are interfering with her vision. She was referred by GP to eye clinic. It is being done under local on Thursday.

littlemissbossy Thu 20-Jan-05 12:36:08

I'd like an eye lift

If it's for cosmetic reasons, then ring your nearest BUPA or Nuffield for a private consultation
If it's causing problems with her sight, then she should go to her GP for a referral through the NHS

lowcalCOD Thu 20-Jan-05 12:36:39

ds3 u is having one for his ptosis

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 12:42:31

Message withdrawn

mears Thu 20-Jan-05 12:44:44

Surely if the are like that she must feel that they impair her vision? My MIL can see OK but is just aware of her lids IYSWIM? Worth asking for GP referral I would have thought.

piffle Thu 20-Jan-05 12:52:43

dd has mild ptosis we were advised to let her choose as she gets older, it does not impair he vision, but doctors said success was still a bit hit and miss, but maybe thats just NHS?

lowcalCOD Thu 20-Jan-05 13:07:30

we were never told not to
I think he woudl be happier with as kids startt o notice it

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 13:56:10

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 15:16:03

Message withdrawn

aloha Thu 20-Jan-05 15:17:01

If you want to go down the private/cosmetic route I may be able to suggest a couple of surgeons to see.

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 15:17:42

Message withdrawn

aloha Thu 20-Jan-05 15:18:26

Email me and I'll suggest a couple of people to see - it's worth meeting for a chat and consultation first.

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 15:21:06

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Thu 20-Jan-05 21:11:17

I too can suggest a surgeon...I lived with his family 20+ years ago...he's now plastic surgeon to the london.

Beetroot Thu 20-Jan-05 23:55:31

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Fri 21-Jan-05 01:18:50

The best doc for this is Richard Collins who is the top ophthalmic plastic surgeon in the UK and is internationally known. He is in Harley Street with a six month wait for a consultation but will do the op three months after that. How do I know this?

Will dig out his number and post tomorrow.

KatieMac Fri 21-Jan-05 07:29:06

My Dad had to have his done - but he went privatly...hios GP said that he had to be so bad that he couldn't drive to have them done on the NHS and that would mean he couldn't work so he gave up

Beetroot Fri 21-Jan-05 09:15:56

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Fri 21-Jan-05 18:08:19

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Fri 21-Jan-05 21:57:19

His name is Patrick Mallucci and he does both private and nhs work. I don't know if he specifically does that type of surgery, but If you google him you can find his numbers for both private and nhs and call and ask. I would try to get an nhs referral to him and then call him and use my name (might help) and try to get date pushed up if you get referral.
My grandmother had a similar problem some years ago and had the surgery done in the usa. It was successful, but didn't last forever as eventually her eyelids did start dropping again.

ChicPea Sat 22-Jan-05 22:08:11

Sorry Beetroot. Haven't forgotten. Just need to go through papers in my study to find his number. Will do by Monday so you can call his secretary.

I had my eye lids done about 3 years ago, so did DH, so did FIL [upper and lower blethoplasty (sp?)], and BIL. Have heard friends from States be told by US doctors to only go to Richard Collins. Anyway, it's up to you but none of us have a scar - the sign of a very careful surgeon. He is top top.

ChicPea Fri 18-Feb-05 00:29:35

The one and only amazing.......... Mr Richard Collins... tel: 020 7486 2699.

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