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After school routines

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Blossomhill Thu 20-Jan-05 09:14:38

Thanks to all of you lovely mumsnetters I have sorted out my morning routine with my 2 aged 7 and 5. I now need to sort out my after school routines which are equally as disorganised. Any help/tips to avoid the chaos after school and last minute homework/baths would be gratefully received

Carla Thu 20-Jan-05 09:19:31

What needs sorting out Blossom? What are the probs at the mo?

Blossomhill Thu 20-Jan-05 09:20:34

It's just so chaotic!!!! We used to have a routine but what with after school clubs, extra homework etc I just find it hard to get it together. As you all know I am extremely scatty.
I need structure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Berries Thu 20-Jan-05 11:51:13

I Know what you mean about evening chaos - esp if your kids have lots of after-school activities. I find that we have diff routines dep. on the night now.
eg Mon/Wed - after-school 'til 5:30, then home & tea straight away - do let them watch tv while they eat (bad mother alert) - then homework for 1/2 hr. Then play then bed - 8:00
Tues/Thurs - snack when they get in, then either play with friends (if its playdate) & food at 5:30. Friends go home at 6-6:30 and then homework OR do 1/2 homework about 4:00 and then play, and all eat together at 6:30 - preferred option.
Note that I haven't included any bath times here. I have found that my kids don't actually get too smelly if they're not bathed every day so dd2 (7) has one about twice a week (obv more if she's dirty), dd1 (9) likes a shower every morning now, and washed hair on Thurs & Sat (after swimming). It's a lot easier now as they do things like baths all by themselves - giving me plenty of time to spend on mn

Blossomhill Thu 20-Jan-05 20:58:55

Thanks Berries. Sounds very organised to me

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