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ER fans - it's back

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mears Tue 07-Jan-03 18:08:36

Just incase those interested missed it, the new series of ER starts at 10pm on Thursday on E4.
Can't wait

ks Tue 07-Jan-03 20:06:05

Message withdrawn

Corky Tue 07-Jan-03 20:54:22

Fantastic, that's just what I need at the moment!!!

Batters Tue 07-Jan-03 23:09:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bugsy Wed 08-Jan-03 09:15:43

Does anyone know when it will be coming to C4?

Enid Wed 08-Jan-03 09:23:40

I think its starting quite quickly on C4. I am so sad, it was the first date I wrote in my new calender.

New Buffy and Angel in 2 weeks too...heaven.

Chinchilla Wed 08-Jan-03 12:29:40

Angel...Hooray! Season 3??

bundle Wed 08-Jan-03 12:34:19

Enid, so what's the C4 date (sob, don't have E4). for those like me who can't resist a peek - or just want to chew over the latest developments here's a good
ER episodes website thing

sis Wed 08-Jan-03 14:11:09

Excited about ER and hope Buffy is a lot better than the last series - I think she goes back to sunningdale high school for this series.

happydays Wed 08-Jan-03 14:25:56

don't forgot friend on friday c4 new series (is it me or were they on skyone normally first)

Enid Wed 08-Jan-03 16:44:44

Sorry, meant the E4 date has been on the calendar for ages, no idea when its on c4.

The Buffster is most certainly back at Sunnydale High, hurrah, 'cos the last series was crappy.

bettys Wed 08-Jan-03 17:05:34

So Thursdays are going to be a real couch-potato night...8.00 Buffy, 9.00 Angel (both Sky) & 10.00 ER (E4). Better get the Ben & Jerry's in now. Though I should really save money and make my own.

willow2 Wed 08-Jan-03 17:18:54

bettys - all round to yours then?

willow2 Wed 08-Jan-03 17:25:24

sis - I spent the best part of ten years growing up in Sunningdale - and to the best of my knowledge it isn't an official hellmouth. Having said that, as so many of the men seemed to sleep all day and spend most of their nights out (in the pub) behaving horribly they could have all been vampires. But think you mean Sunnydale.

bettys Wed 08-Jan-03 17:26:00

Wonder if that special offer on Ben & Jerry's s still on at Waitrose....

bettys Wed 08-Jan-03 17:30:10

lol willow2! Unless the Watcher's Council have made a dreadful spelling mistake....

bettys Wed 08-Jan-03 17:30:47

Must stop going dot dot dot.....

willow2 Wed 08-Jan-03 17:37:03

all I can add to that is Angel..... oh Angel.

ks Wed 08-Jan-03 17:43:12

Message withdrawn

Enid Wed 08-Jan-03 19:46:33

willow2, I agree, mmmmmmmm Angel.

Sainsbos have a 2 for 1 on Haagen Daz so stock up now.

Mooma Thu 09-Jan-03 08:38:15

Thursday is here at last! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

sis Thu 09-Jan-03 10:29:18

Willow2, I slouch corrected

binker Thu 09-Jan-03 12:07:03

I haven't got E4 - SOB !!!

mears Thu 09-Jan-03 23:48:51

My goodness, that was a surprise. ER was worth waiting for. Won't say anymore incase it spoils the plot for those who don't have E4

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Jan-03 23:52:07

Haven't watched it for years but did tonight, blimey! Agree about the surprise. Was riveted.

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