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January Sales Grobag

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DebbieL Tue 07-Jan-03 13:16:06

Does anyone know if the sleeping bag company Grobag are due to have a sale?

DD has grown out of her first size, and needs a 6 - 18 month bag, but I can't face paying £27 for one.
Does anyone know of any second hand ones for sale anywhere on the web?

bundle Tue 07-Jan-03 13:45:06

there are some on sale on the Tesco website I think, around £15.

GillW Tue 07-Jan-03 13:57:03

H&M do their own make for about £10, Asda sometimes have them too at about that price, or if you're really lucky you might find them at £4.99 in Superdrug. Not "Grobag" brand admittedly - but at that price difference, who cares?

SoupDragon Tue 07-Jan-03 14:16:51

Have a look on Ebay for second hand ones.

Paula1 Wed 08-Jan-03 10:38:26

The ones from H&M have been recalled, I saw a notice in the shop.

bundle Wed 08-Jan-03 11:16:17

I got the Jojomamanbebe sale catalogue this morning, there's a 0-6 mths sleeping bag in their sale too

Bugsy Wed 08-Jan-03 11:16:30

I thought the H&M ones were a very poor second compared to other sleep bags. They have a bulky plastic zip down the side, so once your child starts to want to sleep in any other position than on its back the zip becomes a problem. We had to stop using our H&M one and change to a Grobag with a nice smooth, flat zip down the front. So, although I thought I was saving money buying a cheaper bag in H&M, it was a false ecomony!

Melly Wed 08-Jan-03 12:09:38

I think Boots ( have a sale on at the moment. I bought one from there about a year ago for my dd and it has been excellent, quite a bit cheaper that JJMMBB as well.

Bozza Wed 08-Jan-03 12:15:03

I have bought two from Ebay - neither were grobag brand, both were new and cost about £16 inc postage. I bought them from different sellers but coincidentally they are identical (with a woodland pattern) and they have been brilliant (am a late convert).

GillW Wed 08-Jan-03 12:23:00

Bozza - they're not pale yellow with a woodland pattern on and the make is "Funny Bunny" are they? I'd noticed several people selling them on Ebay for up to £20-ish, but they're actually the superdrug ones which sell in the shops for £4.99!

DebbieL Wed 08-Jan-03 16:42:06

thanks for your comments. I cannot praise these sleeping bags enough. DD is now under blankets and sheet and always wriggles out in the night and gets cold - never a problem in her grobag. Can't wait to buy a bigger size!

Bozza Wed 08-Jan-03 16:46:45

GillW - do sound very much like that. Not sure whether to feel miffed or not. Tried repeatedly to get one from Superdrug and failed. And it was worth £16 for the total transformation in DS's sleep from waking us up 6/7 times every night to sleeping through 7.45 - 8.00 every night. Would have paid a lot more for that....

I also tried H&M and didn't find any.

DebbieL Sat 11-Jan-03 22:16:54

got a reply from the grobag website - their sale is at the end of January. last year their discontinued patterns were £17 each

Katherine Mon 13-Jan-03 16:24:58

Was in H&M last week and noticed a recall notice on their grobags.

cazzybabs Mon 13-Jan-03 21:48:16

Just found a website (Can;t do links) that has gro-bags for £15..doesn't have pandp though!

Enid Tue 14-Jan-03 09:44:38

I bought a dd1 a sleeping bag from JoJoMamanBebe a couple of years ago, its fab as you can popper up the ends to change it from a 110cm one to a 90cm one. dd2 (12 weeks) uses it now - it will last her until she's ready for a bed! Very good value, I was shocked to see that Grobag expect you to buy one for 6-18 months and then another one from 18 months onwards - very expensive (and wasteful IMO!)

allatsea Tue 14-Jan-03 11:24:21

letter box have reduced the prices of theirs in the sale too

cas1968 Wed 15-Jan-03 10:26:56

They are doing 3 for 2 at the moment and you can buy three different sizes. I ordered some last week and they arrived the very next day. I was very impressed. Also, you get a free nightshirt.


viksy Wed 05-Feb-03 20:34:05

Grobag sale has started.

Chiccadum Wed 05-Feb-03 20:52:50

Well ladies, I hope your right about the grobag, i have just ordered one from their sales for my dd2 who wakes every 1/2hr, i'm just wanting to ask a few questions if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

DD2 is very very active during sleep and sometimes either sits or stands up, is it still possible for her to do this or will she tie herself in knots

What do you put underneath, she always goes to bed in either a babygro and vest or pyjamas and vest, her bedroom is not hot and not cold, we don't have a thermometer.

Claireandrich Wed 05-Feb-03 20:57:10

What to wear - depdnds on the temperature and the tog of your groba. If yours is a Grobag brand it will come with a thermometer for the room. On the back it has a little table giving you advice.

At this time of the year DD has a 2 tog bag and wears a long sleeved vest underneath it. It the summer she had a 1 tog bag, with a short sleeved vest.

whellid Wed 05-Feb-03 21:27:52

Chiccadum my ds (13 months) is also a very active sleeper, and every morning when we go to his room he's sitting up, so the sleeping bag shouldn't hinder her movements at all. He can't stand up in it though.
At the moment he's wearing a short sleeved bodysuit and a pyjama top underneath his grobag.

slug Thu 06-Feb-03 12:23:12

The sluglet can stand in her grobag, she also crawls in her sleep.

Janus Thu 06-Feb-03 15:38:55

Sorry to sound thick but I'm getting lost here, Viksy you say the grobag sale has started - which site is this on? Or, what is everyone roughly paying for theirs from the various sites mentioned?
Thanks, sorry to be simple!

viksy Thu 06-Feb-03 15:53:10

sorry, its Can't do links yet.

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