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How long do you keep old household bills etc???

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LipstickMum Wed 19-Jan-05 13:06:08

Our filing cabinet is full to bursting and as I squeezed yet another BT phone bill into it's file it occurred to me that we never actually go through the files and remove anything.

Because we lived abroad 3 years ago, we have one file dedicated to that time in our lives, with various household bill in it. Just to prove we lived there iykwim, sometimes you have to provide that kind of documentation.

We keep all bank and financial documentation for the recommended 7 years.

But we have every mobile phone bill going back 3 years, a file from a utility company we haven't used for 18 months, and so it goes on.

I decided to cull all the back log and have shredded relatively pointless stuff and now have a 6 month history instead of 3 years.

What does everyone else do, have I been to impulsive or am I still hoarding ??

Tetley Wed 19-Jan-05 13:18:23

We've just done the same thing & decided to keep a year of bills & two years of financials - filing cabinet seemed to breathe a sigh of relief afterwards!

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