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what would you suggest?

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Evesmama Wed 19-Jan-05 12:48:30

have been taking my dd to a playgroup on fridays for some time now and she loves it there..however(i had a thread on this last year), the leader(also a childminder) seems to have no idea of whats safe and acceptable around a group of little ones.
the leader and her helpers sroll around the room with a tray loaded with hot tea and coofee, skimming past childrens heads whilst some are running around knocking past her.
my friends ds barely escaped being scalded last year from a hot cup of coffee, so a week or so later, i had a quiet word with the leader to ask if she could keep the hot drinks in the kitchen area, so then its up to the adults to watch thier own drink and own children and she was then covering herself before anything nasty happend.
she seemed ok and one of her elderly helpers agreed, but when it came to 't' time, although they didnt walk round with tray, they still brought the tea out, but one by one..ok, i thought at least this was better.
but the very next week, they went back to full trays with precariously balanced cups of hot drink very british side of me has bit my tongue and made sure dd is well out of the way..but its got to a point now, where i could never forgive myself if anything happen and as her mother, should not put dd under any risk. the snack have quickly became nothing more than a pretzel and 1/4 slice of toast when they used to be nutritious and friends ds cut his face on one of the toys last week as it was in bad condition.
ive come to the conclusion that im going to have to stop taking her..but now im stuck for taking her somewhere as fun...and should i say why im not going to it worth it???

jampots Wed 19-Jan-05 12:53:24

tricky one evesmama - but i think i probably would. My ds goes to after school club one evening a week and when i went to pick him up on Monday they had the radio blaring so much so I couldnt hear what the leader was saying to me and she was pretty close. I mentioned it was very loud and she said "if its not, you cant hear it out there" (in the area where the children are) - surely the point is they are supervising the children and helping, not just trying to block them out. I do think some of these people forget the service they provide - I wish i lived closer to someone like Katiemac

helsi Wed 19-Jan-05 12:59:08

I think as far as childrens safety is concerned, anything is worth saying. You could try and raise it again with her and tell her that if things don't improve you will take your child out of that playgroup. Why not ask the other parents there to say something too? Also do they know of any alternate groups that they may go to on other days that you don't know about? I am sure that the local council will also know of fun ideas and places to take her. A soft play area maybe (not sure where you live).

Hope this helps.

Evesmama Fri 21-Jan-05 10:14:31

thanks girls, am gonna take her to soft play on a thursday at local leisure centre, but am really dissapointed that the playgroup turned out to be so poorley run as dd really loves it there

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