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What's the going rate for the tooth fairy?

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ponygirl Wed 19-Jan-05 10:43:38

Ds1 (6) is about to lose his first tooth and he's making suggestions as to what he thinks he might get. His best friend got 70p apparently but he has suggested that he might get £100! What do you do? Or did you get out of the money thing all together - I never mentioned it to him, but his school friends seem to have set us up!

Kayleigh Wed 19-Jan-05 10:44:59

My ds1 is 6.5 and has lost two teeth. First tooth was £2. After that each tooth is £1.

Titania Wed 19-Jan-05 10:45:04

We have already discussed this even though none of ours have lost any yet. Will probably be a £1.

vict17 Wed 19-Jan-05 10:45:48

We are nowhere near that stage yet but in my day it was 10p!!!

Kittypickle Wed 19-Jan-05 10:47:06

A pound here

amynnixmum Wed 19-Jan-05 10:48:40

We usually do £1 but last time we had no money and dd got 33p in loads of coppers - she was delighted. As far as she was concerned that was much better than one boring coin.

jampots Wed 19-Jan-05 10:48:58

£1 for molars and premolars, 50p for "single" teeth ie, incisors, canines etc

binkie Wed 19-Jan-05 10:53:25

Same as Kayleigh so far - but like the idea of a bit more for those nasty ones - I remember the pain of eye teeth especially.

roisin Wed 19-Jan-05 11:06:23

We give 50p for the first one, and 20p for subsequent ones. Not sure about molars, as we haven't got there yet!

This is less than his friends at school get, but tbh I wish we hadn't got into the tooth fairy/money thing at all. It's by no means obligatory and can reduce the "power" of pocket money, especially as they tend to lose a whole bunch of teeth at the same time.

KathH Wed 19-Jan-05 11:06:28

£1 here too - although you have to be careful because one night i told my 5 yr old to clean his teeth else they'd all fall out i caught him trying to work out how much he'd get!

ponygirl Wed 19-Jan-05 11:51:52

Thanks all. It's looking like a quid then! Wish I could get round paying for them at all, but I suppose that's school for you. Mind you, the alternative might be that he wants to keep them. Yuck!

princesspeahead Wed 19-Jan-05 12:03:26

ooooh, jampots, same here. more money for bigger teeth (get them into the idea of themarket economy at an early age). with the proviso that the first tooth gets £1 even if it is an incisor just because it is "special" (get them into the idea of premium pricing for tenuous reasons at an early age)

Tessiebear Wed 19-Jan-05 12:28:02

£1. But they usually get a pound from Granny and Aunty as well. Apparently the toothfairy went to the wrong house first?!?

Bibiboo Wed 19-Jan-05 15:48:57

Wow! I got about 20p in my day! My dh is a teacher and has disgustedly told me some children in his class (year 5) have been given £5!!! What on earth is going on there ?!
I'd say £1 is about right, but by no means obligatory. Maybe suggest a treat instead of money - like a new reading book or set of crayons or something - okay it's probably more expensive, but you get to control what they get and it will last a lot longer than £1.

lockets Wed 19-Jan-05 15:53:25

Message withdrawn

horseshoe Wed 19-Jan-05 15:54:06

Luckily DD is only two but i wound my sisters kids up by telling them that fairy could only carry paper money as she was getting old and found it hard to carry coins.

hence to say they got a scottish one pound note and my sister swore to get her own back. She has baby during the day and when DD came home poking her tounge out i wasn't too surprised lol

Frieda Wed 19-Jan-05 16:18:02

I lost a filling last week, and when I told DS about it at breakfast the next morning, he asked me whether I was going to leave it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. When I told him I didn't think the tooth fairy came to visit mummies and daddies, he went to his money box and took a pound out for me because "it wasn't fair". What a sweetie! (He insisted that I took it, but of course I popped it back in his piggy bank after he'd gone to school )

horseshoe Wed 19-Jan-05 16:32:43

My nephew 6 looked at me like I was stupid the other day as he called the tooth fairy a girl. I said how do you know it's not a boy. He said "stupid- boys cant fly" I said "yes they can what about peter pan" and he said "durh peter pans not real" how cute is that?

makealist Wed 19-Jan-05 19:21:29

Also mention that the tooth has to be in tip top condition, as if there are any holes in them and they don't look clean enough the Tooth Fairy will reduce the money she leaves {usually encourages them to be a bit more thorough with the brushing )

romantick Wed 19-Jan-05 19:27:15

1 pence.encorages them to look after there teeth

Tinker Wed 19-Jan-05 19:34:58

Gave a £1 for the first one and "a silver coin" after that

Barbaloot Wed 19-Jan-05 20:14:12

ds got 50p per tooth until the dentist told him he had a stingy tooth fairy. Now I say the tooth fairy might give a little extra if she has a letter written to her. I get knowing looks, but also a letter - some of which are hilarious. The tooth fairy always writes back - in mirror writing. Molars will get a little extra when we get there and so did the extra adult tooth that he was drugged to have pulled.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz Wed 19-Jan-05 20:27:23

i lost a tooth the other night and put it under my pillow but didnt get a thing for it?

marthamoo Wed 19-Jan-05 20:28:08

£2 here...

Lonelymum Wed 19-Jan-05 20:29:22

50p here, but I have to say that other children get £1 which makes it very difficult when the fairy who visits us only gives half the amount.

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