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Shopping in New York

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IDismyname Tue 07-Jan-03 08:56:32

My dear, dear husband has bought a ticket for me to fly out to New York with him on business at the end of this month. (He'll be in Business and I'm in Economy!!! - luckily separate flights...) My lifelong ambition is to skate at the Rockafeller Centre, so you can imagine I was in tears when I got his "invitation". He's even organised my mom to babysit for the duration. I take back anything horrible I've said about the man!

I've got the first day to myself, so plan to devote it to shopping.

We met in NY about 12 years ago, and I haven't been back there since. Has anyone been recently - are there any good shops? Probably looking for clothing for me - and perhaps a nice handbag, but any suggestions welcome.

We jointly want to visit Ground Zero, and I fancy contacting one of these Big Apple greeters who are locals and who take you round some of the lesser known places in NY.

Any info gratefully received!

Many Thanks

janh Tue 07-Jan-03 09:40:23

Can't help you with any information, fms, but I am green with envy and hope you have a wonderful time!

SueW Tue 07-Jan-03 10:17:49

I've got a book here in the pile which I was contemplating putting on amazon - it's called 'Where to find it, buy it, eat it in New York'. It's two years old though (2000-2001) edition so prob won't be able to seel it through there.

It's very comprehensive with about 600 pages and I bought it in NYC when I ws there with a girfriend. However we spent too much time in Saks to really take advantage of it.

LOL over the flights - when I met up with my girlfriend (who coincidentally worked was project manager on DH's team) she flew in FIrst Class from Dallas where they were working and I lew economy from the UK. Fortunately we were on completely different flights coming back to the UK from NYC as I don't think I could have coped with knowing she was up there supping champagne and having her eggs cooked to order.

Have a fabulous time.

Giovanna1 Tue 07-Jan-03 14:53:27

fms - have a wonderful time! And I know where you should shop - one of my most favorite stores in the world is Century 21. It is downtown, actually right across the street from Ground Zero. (I used to work at the World Trade Center, and spent many a lunchtime shopping there!). Apparently it has been re-opened (I have yet to visit down there - I am not sure how I will handle it).

They have top name clothing, handbags, shoes and a wonderful home department in the lower floor. Another great place to shop is Loehman's, which is in Chelsea. The concierge at your hotel will be able to get you addresses.

One of my favorite restaurants is in the west village - not very well known, middle eastern/morrocan food - family run. Romantic atmosphere, great food and wine. It is called Salam. It is small, not very trendy. It isn't the big fun splashy NY scene, though, which would probably be a lot of fun to do.

Have a wonderful time! Now I want to go! A friend of mine called me yesterday asking when I would be coming in - I may have to make it soon!

IDismyname Tue 07-Jan-03 22:06:48

Thanks for all your help so far, esp Giovanna1. Hadn't got as far as eating out, in my forward planning! Will definately go to Century 21...

I met dh on a sailing trip - from NY - Iceland. We both flew back from Iceland with him in Business class and me, behind the curtain in Economy! It's becoming a bit of a standard joke.... I'd run out of Icelandic Krona, and had to go up and beg him for some money so I could get a drink

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