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house move?? help!!

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oops Tue 18-Jan-05 19:59:07

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Tue 18-Jan-05 20:03:21

double check all of the other available options too! the house sounds nice, but busy road? 10 walk not that bad tho, whilst both buggy or boarding....?

Fimbo Tue 18-Jan-05 20:05:35

Could you get a slightly bigger flat in the area you are in now?

IloveMarmite Tue 18-Jan-05 20:06:10

Look ahead, what's the school situation like, or will you have to move again when that arises? If schools aren't an issue then I would move to the bigger house and sacrifice on the round the corner amenities (I think), but I agree it's a bit of a toss up.

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:10:57

Oops - we have just sold our city apartment for similar reasons. DD is now 2y 9m and needs more space and some outside garden area. We also needed a better school too for when she is older. And if and when baby #2 decided to come along, we need that extra room.

We love our city apartment living. It is modern and lovely. Everything is on hand and so close.

But we had to be practical.

So we have sold up. The sale should go through in a week or two, all being well.

We are buying a new build 3 story town house, with a garden. Still has amenities within a 10 minute walk, but not the same type of thing as we have here. It won't be ready till December though, so moving to a rental property in mean time - think we found the one tonight infact.

TBH, I think you would find your current place too small with another baby in there, and you may start to feel on top of each other. I know I would, for all it's benefits right now.

Good luck with your decision. I know how hard it is!

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:13:40

Message withdrawn

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:15:08

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:17:34

Thanks oops

Would the church be your own religion? Are you at least vaguely religious (I don't mean actively or anythigng here, just believe in something) If so, then yes. It may also be a good way to get involved in your new community.

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:17:36

Ooops - completely sympathise. We are in a similarish position - currently right in the heart of our "London village" and thinking about moving to get more space. Would still only be about 10 / 15 minutes away which in the big scheme of things I know isn't far but somehow it seems like we're considering moving to the sticks!! I'm thinking that we will appreciate the space, especially as DS gets bigger - we have very small outside space at the moment and are looking for somewhere with a garden - and we are hoping for #2.

I don't know about for you but for us part of it is accepting that we are 'grown-ups' with a family and should therefore live somewhere appropriate!!

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:17:44

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:19:20

Rudy : "I don't know about for you but for us part of it is accepting that we are 'grown-ups' with a family and should therefore live somewhere appropriate!!"

You have said it exactly! That is exactly what me and DH have had to accept.

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:20:53

Message withdrawn

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:21:50

lol Hula - so how are you coping with that?? I'm finding it much harder than turning 30, getting married, having a baby...

oops - how handy are you and DH? We are useless so that would be a nightmare house for us but I know for some it would be a dream.

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:22:08

I think it is done, especially in areas where the church school is far and above better than the other local schools.

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:22:48

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:24:32

Rudy - don't know. Not sure I am ready to grow up that much. I will be 32 in about 3 weeks, and every so often it hits me that I am a grown up, with a daughter to look after!!! And hopefully a second sometime soon. We are getting there, and once we do move out I am sure it will suit us just as well. Odd thing is we used to live ina 3 bed detached house, in a reasonable area, in a fmaily orientated estate for our first house. We didn't buy the apartment until I was pg!!!

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:24:54

ooops - certain that the going to church to get into a school thing is done. If you want my honest opinion then I couldn't do it as I would feel completely hypocritical and I think that church schools have a tendency to be elitist. I also think that church schools were originally set up as community schools to provide education for the needy in an area and have completely moved away from that by their strict selection criteria. Don't want to be controversial or to offend anyone as choice is individual and school choice is a very emotive subject but that's my twopenneth!

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:27:11

Message withdrawn

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:27:17

makes total sense ooops. DH and I have been in this area for 6 years - since we met, bought our first home here, etc. and even though we had lots of fab years together and doing the party thing without DS so I know that I have 'been there done that' I still feel reluctant to move on. Crap, aren't I?!

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:28:25

Do you mind me asking where you are ooops? (just nosey )

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:29:35

Message withdrawn

oops Tue 18-Jan-05 20:30:31

Message withdrawn

pootlepod Tue 18-Jan-05 20:30:53

We are in a similar situation but are moving out of the area, no way we could afford to buy a house around us.
Would getting storage help? Either renting a garage or one of those storage company places? Or if you moved to a bigger house could you take on a lodger/students?
It might be best waiting until your new LO is here, seeing how easy it is to live all together?

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:33:05

I'm a strictly south of the river girl oops We're in Earlsfield.

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 20:33:40

though I go to Holloway Rd three times a week

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