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Where can I buy junior bed bedding for a two year old?

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Beatie Tue 18-Jan-05 16:03:50

My 2yo dd is about to move into a junior bed and I am having an awful time finding a duvet cover that is suitable. It will be the same size as a cotbed duvet cover - so I have the added pain that a lot of the designs are too babyish.

I refuse to pay John Lewis prices (£40 for a small duvet cover!!) so does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd quite like something in lilac or with a lilac base colour.

Fran1 Tue 18-Jan-05 16:07:17

My dd is in a junior bed and i just use a normal single duvet and tuck it under at the end.

Hulababy Tue 18-Jan-05 16:09:37

DD has a toddler bed and we also just use a normal sized duvet and duvet cover on it. It just hangs down over the bottom a bit. DD was desoerate for a Disney Princess cover, and, as you say, many of the toddler bed size are rather babyish.

I think Mothercare may do the right size stuff - but at twice the price as noraml single bed size!

csa Tue 18-Jan-05 16:23:31

i think babiesrus and jojomamanbebe do them too although jojo would probably be as expensive as john lewis.

Blu Tue 18-Jan-05 16:31:09

IKEA cot-bed duvet covers are £6, and include quite a funky hedgehog design and some green or blue checks - not wildly fab but not tiny-babyish, either.
Or all their childrens duvet covers are reasonably priced and there is a huge range, plenty for would-be princesses.

GreatBigFatHeiferEnid Tue 18-Jan-05 16:36:41

I have just bought dd2 a sweet 100% cotton brushed cot duvet cover and pillowcase from Tchibo - £4.99! It is pale blue with a polar bear/map design on it. Very good value.

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 16:43:09

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Tue 18-Jan-05 16:47:54

yes, Ikea definately have a small duvet with a selection of covers that fit a junior bed perfectly, my ds had them from there and they were really cheap

GreatBigFatHeiferEnid Tue 18-Jan-05 16:51:11

it fits a cot bed duvet btw

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 16:52:57

Message withdrawn

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