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So, who is ILoveMarmite?

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Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 15:58:50

Cos you're making me feel all warm and cosy every time I see your name

SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 16:04:10

And you make me want to reach for my paper bag... hehehe

bigbanana Tue 18-Jan-05 16:05:52


amynnixmum Tue 18-Jan-05 16:07:22

I'm with Soupy, urgh

FineFigureFio Tue 18-Jan-05 16:08:32

&no points too!

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 16:10:04

oh well that's just charming soupy

...and dragons bring me out in hives

beachyhead Tue 18-Jan-05 16:10:10

don't get this - enlighten me.....

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 16:11:18

there's a poster called 'Ilovemarmite'

twiglets are covered in marmite

RTKangaMummy Tue 18-Jan-05 16:11:27

I thought it was you Twigglet as an alter ego

beachyhead Tue 18-Jan-05 16:14:28

sorry I am so thick!!!!! I thought it was some hunky man making you go soft and wobbly..... I saw a beachedwhale on here a while ago and as I am now pregnant, I thought I could turn into her!!!!!

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:26:34

who are you Ilovemarmite .. are you new or a namechanger???

are you paying homage to moi

SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 21:27:43


SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 21:28:01

Oddly enough, I like twiglets but not marmite...

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:28:33

oh no .... HIVES ... arrrgggghhhhh

out damned spot

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:29:01

oops .. missed the nice post .. sorry soupy .. you are truly souperlicious

SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 21:29:37


Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:33:24

ahhhhh ... soupy .. soupy .. I said sorry .. don't harumph at me

.. and stop sharpening those talons

soupy ... <plaintively>

SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 21:34:18


<<stomps off sulkily in a cloud of smoke)

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:34:46

flicks globule of marmite at scaley retreating back

galaxy Tue 18-Jan-05 21:36:38

I thought ILM was your alterego Twiglett

Twiglett Tue 18-Jan-05 21:39:05

nope .. not me ..

I reckon its really soupy .. cos she really really lurves marmite

SoupDragon Tue 18-Jan-05 21:53:39


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