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when's best time to change nursery? After or before new baby?

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susanita Mon 06-Jan-03 17:27:47

I'm 5 months pregnant with my second child. My first (a boy) goes to a nursery near where my husband works but we have his name down for a local nursery once he is 2 years old (for financial reasons as well as convenience).
My son will be 2 in February and my second will be born in mid-May. We are uncertain as to which is best - leave the move to a new nursery until after the baby is born (say, start September) or start taking my son as soon as I start maternity leave in March so he's already at the new nursery once the baby is born?

Jaybee Mon 06-Jan-03 17:34:29

Personally, I would opt for before. Three months is a long time for a two year old and enough time for him to be settled in. If he really likes his current nursery he may link new baby with him having to move nursery. Are you returning to work? If so, where will the new baby be going? If s/he is going to the new nursery it would be good for the staff there to know the baby before it is due to start there. Also, if you have already made the move it would be one less thing to worry about when you have your newborn!!

breeze Mon 06-Jan-03 17:38:02

i agree with jaybee before is better, he might feel weird with a new baby anyway, add to that having to change his nursery as well. good luck

Enid Mon 06-Jan-03 17:43:06

Ditto. It'll be much easier for you to deal with any settling in problems now rather than when you've got number 2. Good luck.

SoupDragon Mon 06-Jan-03 17:43:16

I'd say before too. We started DS1 at nursery 2 days a week 2 months before DS2 was born and it worked really well. DS1 never made a connection with starting nursery and the new baby.

Your DS should have plenty of time to get used to his new nursery before the baby comes along.

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