washing machine keeps blowing fuses.....any ideas why?

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queenrollo Mon 26-May-08 09:56:51

put the washing machine the other day and after about 5 mins the power tripped. put it back on to discover washing machine not working. changed the fuse, and as soon as i turned the machine on it blew.....tried once more, same thing.
the machine has water in it which i have to get out some how. has anyone got any ideas why my machine is doing this? i'd like to try and fix it if possible.

my dp has a washing machine at his old place which he will be collecting in a couple of weeks, but until then i'm faced with carting my washing to my mums.......

tinkybelle Mon 26-May-08 10:04:11

ours did this and had repairman round last week - loose fuse that when spinning touch something and blew fuse each time

saltire Mon 26-May-08 10:13:55

The fuses trip in our house all the time. if we plug the iron in it goes, so we now have to switch off the TV, DVD, Sky box, PC, Kettle, Washing Machine, tumble dryer etc and all the lamps and then we can iron.
However according to the electrician from MODern Housing Problems Solutions (the MOD contractors) this is acceptable. It is acccording to him "perfectly normal for this to happen"

Greyriverside Mon 26-May-08 11:11:28

If something is shorting out in a washing machine it would be hard to work out exactly where and fix it yourself.

It may be in the heater part so putting the temperature setting on minimum might allow it to work for a time. At least for setting it to drain. Otherwise you will have to take the drain hose and lower it into a bucket.

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