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The end of an era is approaching the Mars household!

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MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 16:21:32

The DTs have one more half term at their playgroup. All 5 of my children have been there and so I have a 12 year history with them.

The woman that runs 3 Monkeys has been kind, flexible and generally wonderful. All of my children have loved it there. It's old fashioned where the emphasis is on play not learning (that said my children left knowing their numbers, colours, letters, days of the week etc) and the children love it.

In short... my baby days are over and I want to give Ann a special present from the Mars household and I'm in need of suggestions. Happy to spend up to £50 which works out at £10 per child.

Thank you! grin

Flier Fri 23-May-08 16:23:19

a pamper session?

cheesesarnie Fri 23-May-08 16:23:28

i think some sort of treatment or a basket of goodies somes nice idea.sounds like a lovely place!

ELR Fri 23-May-08 16:24:19

lemon drizzle on a gold plated platter!!

Rubyrubyruby Fri 23-May-08 16:29:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saturn74 Fri 23-May-08 16:35:14

Is this going to be a personal present for Ann, or a gift that can be used within the group, Mars?

MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 17:00:56

A personal present.

Just an example of how good that woman was/is to me:

DS1 started Reception and finished at 12. 3 Monkeys finished at 12 and DD1 was there. Ann's response. "Get DS1 and don't worry. We'll still be here and I'll give her a little snack" That lasted several weeks.

Pregnant with DD2 it was all I could do to stay awake. Set my alarm so that I could wake and leave the house at 11.30 to be there in time for 12 (10 min non pregnant walk). Would invariably sleep through the alarm and not wake before 12.15. Not a pretty sight trying to run down the road. Ann's response... same as above.

Flier Fri 23-May-08 17:03:58

what does ann do in her spare time?

MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 17:04:57

Look after her sick DH.

Do you know... other than that I don't know. I do know that she is now a proud grandma. grin

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 23-May-08 17:06:00

She sounds wonderful smile

Molton Brown goodies ?

Really good bottle of wine ?

Pamper vouchers ?

Flier Fri 23-May-08 17:06:17

I thought rubyrubyruby's idea was a nice one - do you think she may like something like that?

MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 17:07:13

If you knew how bad I was with plants. They die when they see me!

littlerach Fri 23-May-08 17:10:15

Hamper of food.

Very nice chocolates/wine

pamper type thing


Nbg Fri 23-May-08 17:10:54

My instant thought was to get your children to draw a little picture or a message on 1 piece of A4 or even A5, then send it off here

I think something that has come from the kids would be lovely and she will be able to keep that.

You make think thats crap though grin

hertsnessex Fri 23-May-08 17:11:06

A pic of the kids, or get them to all sign a card, and some sort of foodie hamper so she and her DH can have a nice meal - or voucher for an evening out.

MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 17:11:26

By the way ladies... thank you for the suggestions. I do appreciate them. smile

MarsLady Fri 23-May-08 17:12:27

Nbg... what a lovely idea. I really like that. It will be unique and she can keep it forever.

Thank you!

YeahBut Fri 23-May-08 17:14:52

Sounds like she spends a lot of time looking after everybody else. How about a pamper voucher at a local spa?

Mercy Fri 23-May-08 17:15:08

I know I'm going to feel a bit emotional on ds' last day at nursery school and I've only had 2 children go there!

Tommy Fri 23-May-08 17:16:16

they're lovely nbg!

WilfSell Fri 23-May-08 17:19:05

Or, if you like the picture idea, buy cheap white plates from Woolies, get each of them to do a drawing on them with china paints.

I bought some from Hobbycraft for Xmas pressies years ago. Do it like this: get kids to draw a design (picture of Ann? or the nursery building?) on a plate with a soft pencil. You go over the lines with a gold or silver edging tube (Hobbycraft will know what I mean! you can buy a kit with the tubey stuff and the coloured paints) then when that dries, the kids daub gaudy colours in all the spaces. You then cook them in the oven to fix them.

This was a MASSIVE hit with grandparents and the gold/silver edging makes it all lovely...

Nbg Fri 23-May-08 17:19:34

Oh glad you like the idea grin

I have seen other places that do it too but I like this lady that does it, seems v professional and does good work.

She has a blog too which I've just been looking at.

WilfSell Fri 23-May-08 17:20:57

kits and outliners on this site for example

WilfSell Fri 23-May-08 17:22:00

jewellery is lovely too though!

Whooosh Fri 23-May-08 17:29:44

NBG-that jewellery is absolutely brilliant-will be a fab present for our nanny who leaves us in September-thanks so much for the link.

HAve you ever ordered from her?

Any rough idea of cost?

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