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Pupuce: Is the lady in the Article in Eve you?

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galaxy Mon 17-Jan-05 11:39:09

Page 81, Feb edition?

Shame they called it instead of mumsnet!

FineFigureFio Mon 17-Jan-05 11:40:25

she is very slim and glamourous with dark hair. Does that sound like the picture?

galaxy Mon 17-Jan-05 11:42:16

No picture. It's an article about Britain's best paid part-time jobs. I have met Pupuce but can't remember her Christian name although the location where this lady resides matches so must be her!

FineFigureFio Mon 17-Jan-05 11:43:09

it begins with a V

galaxy Mon 17-Jan-05 11:48:08

That'll be Pupuce then.

The best paid jobs in case anyone's interested are:

Plumber at £600 per week
Letter Writer (poetry, speeches etc ) at £600 per week
Urban PA (concierge type stuff) £700 per week
Cabin Crew £700 per week
Personal stylist and shopper £500
Nanny Agent £700
Kid's photographer £600
Bridal make up artist £500
Pilates Instructor: £800

And you'll have to buy Eve to find out about Doulas!

Marina Mon 17-Jan-05 11:48:29

Sounding extremely likely then Come on Pupuce, put us out of our misery!

katzguk Mon 17-Jan-05 12:04:12

how doe sone become a personal stylist/shopper sounds like fun!

pupuce Wed 19-Jan-05 20:42:28

Yes it is me !!! And my last name is TOTALLY wrong (the journalist's error). Sounds too funny that last name too!
My weekly income is ALSO totally wrong.... I wish
Mumsnet is also wrong.... the article is small and there are 3 erroes (sigh)

Fio "she is very slim and glamourous with dark hair" - have we met??????? glamourous.... me LOL!!!!

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 20:45:03

Thought you were ignoring this deliberately

pupuce Wed 19-Jan-05 20:47:21

No just saw it... did a search about my name... how vein otherwise I would have totally missed it!

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