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tumble dryer part 2

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nailpolish Mon 17-Jan-05 08:35:48

have been told my tumble dryer is beyond repair.

dont have much money, want to buy a new one though cos i feel its essential!

have been looking around and have discovered that spin dryers are cheap to buy. does anyone know anything about them?

are they noisy? where does the water go? do they take ages to dry a load?


MrsDoolittle Mon 17-Jan-05 08:41:34

They are quite different to tumble dryers though. They just spin your washing in machine does. Spin dryers have a big drum that spins the water out of your clothes at high speed. Your clothes would still need further drying to beable to wear them.No, they are not noisey, very quiet in fact. HTH

nailpolish Mon 17-Jan-05 08:52:19

i suppose its obvious - the clue is in the name!

so i would still need to hang them on the clothes horse - which is what i am trying to avoid due to lack of space.

MrsDoolittle Mon 17-Jan-05 08:59:02

You would need a clothes horse. Although you would not have to hand them out as long. I used to be the same, the clothes horse was driving me bonkers. How much do you/not have to spend?

nailpolish Mon 17-Jan-05 09:23:48

i have seen a couple of tumble dryers in comet for £110-£120 (same as what ive got just now), so might just get one of them. i have to hang the hose out of the window which annoys me though, esp just now when its freezing and raining. i thought i might not have to do that with a spin dryer. they seem to have a hole in the side where the the water drips out

MrsDoolittle Mon 17-Jan-05 09:25:13

Yes that's it nailpolish. I know what it's like, wishing you didn't have to spend the money but knowing you have to.

nailpolish Mon 17-Jan-05 09:27:32

heres the thing - dh got some comet vouchers for his xmas from his dad (£100) so he says i can use them. isnt that so sweet? i feel guilty though.

do comet/currys etc still take away your old machine?

MrsDoolittle Mon 17-Jan-05 10:48:58

I don't know about old machines. I didn't have one to take away when we bought ours, hopefully they will do.
Your dh is very good. Don't feel guilty, reassure yourself that they are going to dry his clothes too and they will feel alot softer agaist his skin than they would off a clothes horse

nailpolish Mon 17-Jan-05 10:56:40


ill remember what you said about drying his clothes too. thanks mrsdoo, i think ill go and have a look online later (have to take dd2 for her 5 in 1 now)

thanks for the advice!

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