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holiday abroad without child

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breeze Sat 04-Jan-03 20:22:06

I am not sure if I should leave my 3 year old son with his grandparents while my DH and i have a weeks holiday abroad. he loves his grandparents and know he will have fun, but should i be even thinking about it.

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Jan-03 20:33:22

Oh yes, absolutely! You shouldn't just be thinking about it you should do it IMO. Your relationship with your dh is important too and your ds will have a lovely time. Enjoy!

jasper Sat 04-Jan-03 22:52:55

Yes but better still get the grandparents to look after dh too and go on your own

sb34 Sun 05-Jan-03 01:37:02

Message withdrawn

honeybunny Sun 05-Jan-03 14:22:16

Go for it Breeze. I did it last year when ds1 was 15mo and ds2 was still in utero. Dh and I had a fabulous 1 week holiday in Grenada and lost our Mummy and Daddy tags and became individuals again. It was valuable time together and rekindled all those yummy lovey moments. Oh and lie ins and peaceful shopping moments and lying in the sun, reading and going for moonlit strolls and eating out and actually swimming in a pool/sea and and and....... need I say more?

breeze Sun 05-Jan-03 14:28:45

ok hunnybunny you sold it, oh if i have to i will have a weeks holiday without my son and have lay-ins, strolls etc etc. thanks great advice. I did mention it to a few people and they sort of turned their nose up a bit, but i suposse they are either jealous or "the older generation" when things like that wern't done.

kkgirl Sun 05-Jan-03 15:32:07


who wouldn't be jealous!!!
As a mother of three with no one to help apart from dh I would love just a night away with dh.
Our eldest ds went on a sleepover last night and much as we love him and wouldn't be without it it was great.
The twins went off to bed together and we actually had a couple of hours together in peace (eldest ds doesn't go to bed until after 9 and does sleep until 10.30 - 11 either

breeze Sun 05-Jan-03 15:40:05

i know i am lucky, i wish i lived near some of you guys so i could baby-sit for you, i often have my friends kids for a sleepover, i am on their level and really enjoy it.

Lindy Sun 05-Jan-03 17:49:31

Definately go for it breeze - we are invited to a friend's wedding in the States this summer - I am very keen to leave DS behind (very capable grandparents would LOVE to have him) but DH won't hear of leaving him for more than a night (funny how he can go off on a business trip for 10 days .........!). Enjoy yourselves

Temptress Sun 05-Jan-03 20:32:19

Providing he has a good relationship with them and I would say definitely. Its important for you and your husband to have time to yourselves and he will probably have loads of fun with his grandparents who, if they are anything like the ones in my family, will spoil him rotten!

breeze Mon 06-Jan-03 16:53:00

i just want to thank you for all your wonderful advice, i was new here and you all helped me, yes me and my husband will go away for a weeks holiday, miss ds lots but nevertheless have a great time. thanks again everyone who answered, i probably would have gone anyway but felt guilty.

easy Tue 07-Jan-03 15:46:14


of course you feel guilty, it's part of the condition called motherhood.
I feel guilty when I shout, when I try to do housework if ds is at home, and now, as my ds is at nursery while I sit in front of my computer eating chocolate (esp. as I'm supposed to be filling in my and dh's tax forms not doing this!!!).

slug Wed 08-Jan-03 11:17:44

Don't feel guilty breeze. I've left the sluglet twice with her grandparents before she turned one while dh and I went abroad.

Your son will have a fine old time being indulged by his grandparents. I found the time alone with dh did wonders for our marriage.

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