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Who knows all about Floor Tiles?

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KatieMac Sun 16-Jan-05 19:55:16

Where can I buy them cheap?
How much do they cost to lay?
No I can't do it myself as it's over under floor heating

KatieMac Mon 17-Jan-05 21:10:01


Berries Tue 18-Jan-05 14:42:24

What type of tiles - ceramic or stone? Will cost diff amounts to lay as have to be treated differently. Is it wet or dry ufh? What area do you live in?
If yu post more info I can let you know from my copious research last year (had to get 45m2 limestone floor laid!)

amynnixmum Tue 18-Jan-05 15:01:16

What area are you Katiemac? my neighbour is a tiler and he did our floor last summer. Think he may have a website now. Will ask him later and give you the address if he has.

KatieMac Tue 18-Jan-05 16:30:10

Berries Dry UFH.....Ceramic or procelin (sp) I think
38 sqm

Amynnxmum - I'm in Norfolk

KatieMac Tue 18-Jan-05 16:31:43

Sorry - Porcelin (I'm trying)

Berries Tue 18-Jan-05 19:52:30

We have wet UFH and limestone floor. Paid almost as much to have it laid as for the tiles!! You do have to be careful with ufh and make sure you get flexible adhesive, as the tiles will be subject to more movement than normal. You can get tiles off the internet, can't remember the websites now but can post later if you like. They will send you samples first so you can see if they're ok. As you're having a big area done, try & go for larger than average tiles. As long as the floor area is not too funny a shape this should make them cheaper to lay.

KatieMac Tue 18-Jan-05 19:57:42

The room should be not too many cuts, but I'm trying to match the existing conservatory.

So I'm trawling thro' websites to find a match.....I've found one but it'll cost £1200 (no fitting, no adhesives, no grout)

Would appreciate any websites

amynnixmum Wed 19-Jan-05 09:38:18

Sorry KatieMac, we're in Poole in Dorset so a bit too far for my neighbour to come. I'll ask him if he has any contacts your way though.

KatieMac Wed 19-Jan-05 14:34:55


amynnixmum Tue 25-Jan-05 16:09:56

Sorry its been so long katiemac. Neighbour was away till weekend. He doesn't have any contacts your way sorry.

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