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green poo

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biglips Sun 16-Jan-05 19:14:22

what is it?

kalex Sun 16-Jan-05 19:18:31

It's poo that's green! .

Need slightly more info, who is doing green poo. How old and what have they eaten.

Chickyboo Sun 16-Jan-05 19:18:34

My dd has had that twice she wasn't ill, and it only happened once each time, meaning it wasn't continuous. Anyway other mumsnetters told me not to worry that she was probably fighting infection. I wouldn't worry unless baby has temp or other dodgy symptoms

biglips Sun 16-Jan-05 19:22:13

dd who is 15 weeks old and she is on White SMA. i changed her nappy and it was green poo. She had a tummy bug for the past month but she is happy and got no temp.

kalex Sun 16-Jan-05 19:25:25

Well both of mine were BF, and went through the entire colour spectrum. Phone the HV in the morning but I wouldn't be worried. HTH

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:18:05

i decided to wait till she had another poo and its normal colour ! is she ok now?

aloha Tue 18-Jan-05 11:19:46

Baby poo can be all sorts of colours. Green poo on its own isn't anything sinister.

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