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Whats the nutritional value of playdoh?

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jane313 Sat 15-Jan-05 21:23:03

My 18 months year old won't stop eating it and its at every toddler group I go to. Homemade or shop bought; he doesn't mind. He now thinks its a great game and either shoves a big lump in or delicately takes a tiny bit to nibble. I let him eat some the other day thinking that may put him off it and he hurredly drank some water after.

We tried making shortbread recently and he didn't eat real dough half as eagerly (not brightly coloured enough).

Anyone any advice for stopping him or should I just let him add it to his overall carb content?

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 21:37:00

very salty tho isnt it?

jane313 Sat 15-Jan-05 21:38:41

I've never tried it! Although I do love the smell of the shop bought stuff. If only they made it with fruit? he won't blooming eat that anymore

Tanzie Sat 15-Jan-05 21:40:33

No, stop him, I make the stuff at home and the salt content is huge (it's almost 50%).

Sorry, that sounds a bit dictatorial. But it really is heavy on the salt.

jane313 Sat 15-Jan-05 21:43:32

blimey its years since I made it I had forgotten that.

Hopefully his taste of it has put him off. Now everyone at one group I goes to tries to stop him and he thinks its great fun teasing people with it.

Evesmama Sat 15-Jan-05 21:55:31

put bright food colouring in with your shortbread mix?

jane313 Sat 15-Jan-05 21:57:29

and then substitute it at the playgroup? Its an idea!

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