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Is this legal/moral?

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jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 20:24:30

Before Xmas I purchased a Polly Pocket Water Castle from Toys R Us as a present for my friend's dd. I ended up sending something else as she had "outgrown" polly pocket. I tried to return it to TRUS (but without receipt) and they wont take it back. Is it wrong to take it back to another shop, eg. Woollies?

pinkdiamond Sat 15-Jan-05 20:26:38

Message withdrawn

pinkdiamond Sat 15-Jan-05 20:27:50

Message withdrawn

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 20:29:00

I wanted to buy something else from TRUS but they said without a receipt they cant take it even though they still sell it.

LIZS Sat 15-Jan-05 20:30:41

Er, yes ! No retailer is obliged to take it back if you technically just change your mind, receipt or not. They may, however, operate a returns policy at their discretion. You are running the risk as to whether they stock that actual item and are continuing to do so , as if not you would look pretty foolish. Returns affect the profitability of the branch concerned and that in turn has an effect on their staff bonusses.

jrsmum Sat 15-Jan-05 20:31:29

jampots, I've taken stuff back without a reciept to trus and they have exchanged it. Have you tried ringing their head office to try and arrange it with them ? If you have a loyalty card I think they record all your purchases anyway. Might be worth a try.

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 20:31:34

ok - thanks. I just wondered if it would be ok. Looks like its up for grabs then.

janeybops Sat 15-Jan-05 20:32:25

I must admit I would take it back to another shop. Say it is a doubled up christmas present or something and that is why you don't have a receipt.

As long as they sell it they aren't losing out are they? Especially if you just do an exchange. I have done it a few times and works fine...

pinkdiamond Sat 15-Jan-05 20:33:10

Message withdrawn

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 20:34:15

well I basically told them the truth - it was a present for someone and I didnt send it.

pinkdiamond Sat 15-Jan-05 20:36:38

Message withdrawn

ladymuck Sat 15-Jan-05 20:42:03

Did you buy on credit card? Is there another way of proving that you bought it there?

LIZS Sat 15-Jan-05 20:42:51

If you bought on credit or debit card then the transaction would show up and be a proof of purchase, but a refund is still at their discretion. However I would agree that many large UK retailers would at least allow an exchange in these circumstances. But even then, without proof of purchase they would probably only give you its current value - ie. if it is now reduced you'd lose out.

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 20:43:03

I cant remember how I paid for it and to be honest probably bought several things together.

LIZS Sat 15-Jan-05 20:44:51

If you could rememeber when you bought it roughly perhaps it is worth checking your statements ?

Slinky Sat 15-Jan-05 21:23:29

If the item is not faulty, and it's just a case of you changing your mind, then you have no right to request a refund. Some shops may offer you an exchange as a gesture of Goodwill though.

jofeb04 Sat 15-Jan-05 21:48:57

Go there and say it was a present for your own child off someone else lmao

ThomCat Sat 15-Jan-05 21:55:22

Do you know what I'd do. I'd put it in the loft and save it as an Xmas present for another kid for next year. You've already got 1 presnet off the list for next year

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 21:57:02

ahem.... I already have 6 presents for next year

also no other little girls to buy for as I have managed to purge my list of 7 kids this year

ThomCat Sat 15-Jan-05 21:58:28

You may very well be bashful Jampots!!!!! OMG

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 22:04:34

Ive bought 2 gorgeous little houses with kittens in from The Bear Factory reduced from £13 to £5! for 2 of a friends children, Glitterbabes Flower Power Curtain Light for another friends dd reduced from £12 to £3!!! 2 Footspas from Boots for MIL and my sis reduced from £25 to £6.25, and a Homer Simpson inflatable chair from Boots reduced from £13 to £5! for a friend's ds.

Everyone gets books for their birthdays!

pabla Sat 15-Jan-05 22:05:26

Well I was given some perfume recently for my birthday which was bought by a friend in another country. I didn't mention this bit to my local branch of Boots but I asked if I could change it (don't really use perfume a lot and I have a few open bottles already) and they said I could!

Evesmama Sat 15-Jan-05 22:05:57

take it to whoever stocks it and say your dd got two and its your first chance to get into town as youve had the flu bug thats been doing the rounds

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 22:08:19

I am now flogging it on here if anyones interested. Think it was £14 originally.

ThomCat Sat 15-Jan-05 22:12:22

Why don't you use it as a present for the shoebox christmas pressie appeal thing, for kids who don't have anyone to buy them a present?

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