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what's your favourite possession?

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redsky Sat 15-Jan-05 16:30:59

It just makes me whenever I use it - which is hardly ever!

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 16:35:08

What then?!

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 16:35:08

What then?!

ScummyMummy Sat 15-Jan-05 16:35:58

Yeah, what?

moondog Sat 15-Jan-05 16:36:49

This isn't going to get smutty is it....?

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 16:39:35

tell us!!

dawnie1 Sat 15-Jan-05 16:41:52

LOL Moondog - that was excactly my reaction but I thought I won't ask if it sounds like an electric toothbrush just in case its so,ething totally innocent.

You have a dirty mind , like mine.

redsky Sat 15-Jan-05 17:48:28

My my what dirtty minds you all have. It was a totally innocent mistake forgetting to put in the object concerned - it is my sewing machine! But the leccy toothbrush comes a close second!

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