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going on holiday without the children

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crazy Sat 15-Jan-05 14:15:51

my partner and I are leaving our daughter with her grandparents next week while we go away skiing for 5 days.

Feeling a little guilty, and although I feel its important for myself and my partner to have some quality time. I fear I am going to miss her too much to enjoy it.

Would welcome any advice from anyone who has done this, How did it go? Do you think the children suffer?

twoforone Sat 15-Jan-05 14:30:57

How old is your DD crazy? We have thought about doing this next year, but i worry about the same thing.

I thnk DS1 would enjoy it actually! (he is 7) but ds2 is 3, and he is still quite clingy!

IloveMarmite Sat 15-Jan-05 14:47:26

WE left dd1 when she was only 9 months with granny for 5 days while we went away before the arrival of dd2. I think it is REALLY important to get away together. You will be a much calmer mum for having some quality time with your dp.

crazy Sat 15-Jan-05 19:39:12

my dd1 is 1 years old, thanks ilovemarmite, you've made me feel better, how did it go, were you able to enjoy it?

I think I'll be fine, especially after a few drinks:0

bensmum3 Sun 16-Jan-05 08:38:03

Make the most of it crazy, we don't have grandparents that would be willing to babysit, let alone look after the children for a few days, dd will be fine !

teabelly Mon 17-Jan-05 10:37:20

We first left ds for just over a week at 3 months and although dh was fine, I missed him terribly, and wouldn't do it again at that age for so long. But we have since had numerous long weekends (3-4 days) and these are fab - great for dh and I to recharges our batteries and spend quality couple time together (which is a euphamism for sleep!!). Good for ds too as he stays with my sister generally and has a brill time with his cousins who adore him. He's 2 1/2 now, and really enjoys 'his' breaks away! at a year old your dd will be fine - probably spoiled rotten, so enjoy yourself - she will be

amynnixmum Mon 17-Jan-05 10:44:36

Haven't done 5 days but only because my parents haven't been able to help for that long. We also try to do a couple of long weekends a year and its great. The first time dd was about 6 months old and I did really miss her and rang loads but it was still nice to get away. Now I just ring to say goodmorning and again to say good night. Both dd and ds love it when they get to stay with my mum and dad alone becuase they are thoroughly spoiled for the whole weekend.

RudyDudy Mon 17-Jan-05 10:51:01

Hi Crazy - we left DS for 5 days when he was 11 months. Just to warn you I was totally unprepared for how hard I would find the leaving and sitting at the airport everyone else seemed to have a cute little boy with them! Needless to say once we were there (New York!) we had a fantastic time! And coming back was exciting too as I was really looking forward to seeing DS. He stayed with his grandparents where he was totally spoilt and had a great time - not sure he even noticed us gone .

I thoroughly recommend it for the sake of your sanity and your relationship. We're hoping to have a night away in Paris in the next couple of months and plan for it to be a regular thing. As others have said, just be grateful you have willing babysitters and enjoy

CountessDracula Mon 17-Jan-05 10:52:55

We left dd for a week at 4 months and again for a week at 16 months. I cried the whole day before both times and felt terrible but as soon as I left I was fine and literally came back a new person. Do it. It is a very liberating experience and dd didn't suffer at all, quite the opposite, had a lovely time with doting grandparents!

zubb Mon 17-Jan-05 10:53:22

we go away each year for at least 4 days without the kids, and ds1 went away for a week with his grandparents when he was 2, and will be doing the same this year.
I think ds1 was 6 months when we first went away, and they are both used to spending a few days without us - ds1 really enjoys it (ds2 is only 1 so can't tell us yet! but seems happy when he is there!)
IMO its great for us to spend time together, for the grandparents to have time with their grandkids, and for ds1 and 2 to form a good relationship with their grandparents. So we all win.

CountessDracula Mon 17-Jan-05 10:53:47

(the second time dh had to buy me some shades at the airport as he said my face might frighten children after all that crying!)

Blackduck Mon 17-Jan-05 10:59:45

Just come back from a weekend in Barcelona (ds - 20 months - left with Grandparents...) He was/is fine! have also left him with gps for 5 days because of work commitments....they DO survive (and usually are so indulged that they love it!) ds was a bit clingy this morning, but otherwise fine.

louee Mon 17-Jan-05 11:00:57

well like you rudydudy we also went to New York leaving behind our 6 month old Ds and our 3 year old Dd ,infact we cried more than the kids did till we got to the airport.Infact we had a great time and our Dd keeps asking when she's going to stay at her aunties whilst mummy and daddy goes in the don't worry about it im sure you're Dd will be fine crazy,she'll probably enjoy herself more than you think!!!! happy holidays and go and enjoy yourselves!!!!

leglebegle Mon 17-Jan-05 11:37:05

I've been away loads of times without my kids, in fact every opportunity I got I took! The longest was a week. I did miss them, but not to the extent it ruined my holiday. It made no difference to them whatsover from what I could see but the baby is only 6 months so frankly any warm pair of arms to cuddle him is welcome. My 3 year old was thrilled to be spending time with his granny and grandpa and the thrill of being away on our own and going out of an evening together made us really close. Its worth it!

CountessDracula Mon 17-Jan-05 19:29:04

I sent dh the link to today - he emailed me back saying "Isn't there a site call!"

crazy Mon 17-Jan-05 21:02:19

Thank you so much everyone for your words of encouragement, You've helped me think a bit differently about it, and i'm now starting to get excited! left our dd today with grandparents, was very strong, until I got in the car, then burst into tears!

Just phoned to check, and was told she went to sleep fine at 7pm.

So thanks again, slopes, snow, and lie in's here we come

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