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Day nannies - how much? Help!

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Pearl Wed 14-Mar-01 21:57:06

We are considering hiring a full-time day nanny for the first time and wondered if anyone could advise us on how much the 'average' nanny costs? We are aware we will have to pay her tax and NI. We live in the Home Counties and would really appreciate any advice.

Bells Thu 15-Mar-01 11:21:55

You are best off phoning a nanny recruitment agency who will be able to tell you average Nanny costs for your area. The Yellow pages should list a few. I think that the last survey suggested that the average daily nann in the home counties earned around £18,000 but obviously it depends on age, experience, responsibilities and hours.

Cl Thu 15-Mar-01 22:38:23

Ours gets £300 week and we pay tax and NI on top of that - that's in central London - I think it's about the going rate. You may get away with slightly less outside London - a lot depends on the cost of living - accommodtaion etc in your area. Good Luck

Rmea Thu 22-Mar-01 20:57:03

Our baby-sitter does day-nannying and she charges £4 an hour, working 8 hours a day. We're in Surrey and it is a private arrangement.

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