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Help!! Friend having a baby in 2 weeks (hopefully), need present ideas for her and...

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PestoMonster Fri 16-May-08 11:57:12

also her 5 year old dd. It is soooooooooo long since I had mine, that I am a bit rusty and can't get my head around baby stuff blush. So any present ideas very gratefully received.


yorkshirepudding Fri 16-May-08 11:58:12

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Fri 16-May-08 11:58:25

dinners for the freezer
offers of help - cleaning, school runs, entertaining 5yo etc

don't forget to take present for the 5yo too

TotalChaos Fri 16-May-08 11:58:26

stuff for her. my best pressie was chocolates, nice photo album and disposable camera.

if you really must get a cute baby item, go for something that's 6-9 month size, so will be useful a bit down the line.

PestoMonster Fri 16-May-08 12:00:35

Can't do school runs as we live the other end of the country, but as we shall be in her vicinity the week she's due, have already offered to take her dd out for day or 2 with us (it will be half-term).

Yes, please present ideas for her dd also needed. Thank you!

Stroppyknickers Fri 16-May-08 12:02:23

Disposable camera, cheap album for 5 year old - then s/he can be involved and take photos of baby/dolls/anything else. Smellies for mum - Sanctuary or Burts Bees are good. Get the baby something small and useful, like the a basket with next stage nappies, wipes and a bib. Don't get a stuffed toy! We are snowed under with them (baby number 4 arrived 6 mths ago) LOL

PestoMonster Fri 16-May-08 12:09:19

Thanks StroppyKnickers, lots of great ideas there. Yes, definitely won't be doing the soft toy thing. My dds are nearly 11 and nearly 9 and we are snowed under with all their animals....Grrrr!!

cazzybabs Fri 16-May-08 12:30:53

what about a nice top to BF in? Champagne? a new toy or an outfit (3-6 months or bigger)

colouring book. hamma beads or story cds for the daughter

np80123 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:58:14

Try these guys, I bought my sister a baby gift set, it is really nice and she liked it. Other gifts I looked at was Baby Clothing, Baby Towels and Baby Bodysuits but the gift basket is the best I found.

mynameis Wed 17-Jun-09 15:01:01

Yep stuff for mum is always good. My friend really appreciated being thought of when she had her LO recently

With outfits going for a bigger size is good but jut remember the season it will be when the baby will be wearing it, my friend had lots of summer stuff that will only fit her baby in the winter.

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