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group b strep

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marj Fri 14-Jan-05 12:24:26

I am a mum to a beautiful 20 month old boy. Unfortunately at birth he had group b strep infection. We were lucky and he pulled through but it now frightens the life out of me to even consider a second pregnancy. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience, or successfully had a second baby that was not affected?

Mirage Fri 14-Jan-05 13:44:35

Welcome to Mumsnet Marj.

I was recently dxd with Group B Strep too-I was told that IV antibiotics during labour reduces the risk of the baby contracting any infections greatly.I am 20wks pregnant now with my 2nd child.I probably had it when dd was born 16months ago-but no one would test me for it then,so we will never know.

Anyway-have to go as dd is waking up,but if you click on the 'Health' section,there are a couple of threads on GBS there.A lot of Mumsnetters have had one or more babies following being dx with GBS & they reassured me loads.

Got to dash.
Good luck

marj Fri 14-Jan-05 15:52:42

Thanks Mirage. Its reassuring to know its not only me who has problems with this. Will look up more info. Thanks a lot.

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