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Anyone need a proof reader/typist??!

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dot1 Fri 14-Jan-05 10:48:00

I've shamelessly also put this message in the jobs bit, but thought more people might read the 'other' section....! Promise I won't post it anywhere else

Just to let you know (and if you can spread the word that would be great) that dp (Juno) is looking for work at the moment. She's a fantastic proof-reader/editor/typist. She's worked for Hansard at the House of Commons and has proof read and typed up PhDs on various subjects (the last one was on Stalinist Russia..!). So, if any of you clever Mumsnetters are doing your PhD or Masters and need someone to appraise and type up your work, please get in touch and I'll be able to let you have more details. Our e-mail address is (I'm posting this on behalf of Juno as I have easier access to a PC during the day!). Thanks Dot1

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