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Where can I buy a child's wetsuit?

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ListersSister Wed 14-May-08 12:57:33

I am looking for a wetsuit for a 5 yr old, but I don't want a normal 30mm one as it is for swimming in a pool. I am looking for a 15mm one, as these are lightweight and easy to get on, plus give better movement than a traditional thicker one.

I did have a toddler one in 15mm, but it is now too small, so where can I get one for an older child? Please help smile. My child needs a wetsuit or she goes blue lol!

nappyaddict Fri 16-May-08 16:48:37


i have this

HaventSleptForAYear Fri 16-May-08 16:57:26

OK. So now I have to decide between the thinner ones (thank you nappyaddict) and a thicker one.

We are wimps so am thinking we need thicker, right?

nappyaddict Fri 16-May-08 17:05:44

ds wears a 3mm and a 5mm one together cos on their own he is still too cold.

HaventSleptForAYear Sun 18-May-08 12:15:02

So a tshirt underneath and then a wetsuit on top?

Is that in summer or early on in the season?


nappyaddict Sun 18-May-08 12:48:11

he actually wears a mothercare one like this underneath and then he wears one of these on top. he wears that all year round.

cadelaide Sun 18-May-08 12:52:00

here, see sellers other items

HaventSleptForAYear Sun 18-May-08 15:33:31

Oh ok nappyaddict. I think I may need 2 for my skinny as a rake 3 yr old. Doesn't it get really bulky?

MilaMae Sun 18-May-08 19:42:02

I have to get 3 (there is only a year between my twins and dd) ouch!!!!!!!!!

We live near the sea so will use them a lot but would ideally want them big to get another year out of them. Is getting them on the big size ok?????

foxinsocks Sun 18-May-08 19:46:32

they dry very quickly, especially in the sun. I'd leave ours out overnight and they'd be fine the next day. On a colder day, they might be a little damp but not horrendous. I think ours are 3mm.

you cannot get a size too big...if they aren't a tight fit, they don't work because the water gets in. They work by being a sort of second skin on the outside.

Ds is skinny as a rake and his wetsuit gets little pockets where it's not tight on his skin and he gets cold. I would recommend trying them on. I bought ours online.

The other thing I would take into consideration is their necks....we are ALL a bit clothes fussy (mine don't like labels in their shirts or itchy material) and they found the fact that the wetsuits were tight round their necks REALLY restrictive to the extent that I had to leave ds's wetsuit not fully done up (which defeated the whole purpose of it!) so again, if you can, I'd try them on if your children don't like tight stuff on etc.

tigermoth Sun 18-May-08 19:46:51

Ebay is brilliant for second hand ones - when I was looking in feb/March you could get really good quality ones in auctions for under a tenner - I guess children grow out of them quickly. I bid and won a really nice one for my son.

nappyaddict Mon 19-May-08 12:11:35

nope not bulky at all. but like foxy said you can't get the next size up cos they have to be really tight fitting. the way they work is by letting in a small layer of water between the skin and the suit. if the gap is too big the layer of water will be too big and they'll get cold.

HaventSleptForAYear Mon 19-May-08 12:24:24

Ok - judging by the advice we need to get down to Decathlon rather than order on-line.
thanks everyone

schmitfa Mon 08-Apr-13 18:15:34

The best website for me is still eBay . Somehow everything is so convenient there and you can always trust you are getting a great deal.

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