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Where can I buy a child's wetsuit?

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ListersSister Wed 14-May-08 12:57:33

I am looking for a wetsuit for a 5 yr old, but I don't want a normal 30mm one as it is for swimming in a pool. I am looking for a 15mm one, as these are lightweight and easy to get on, plus give better movement than a traditional thicker one.

I did have a toddler one in 15mm, but it is now too small, so where can I get one for an older child? Please help smile. My child needs a wetsuit or she goes blue lol!

Notquitegrownup Wed 14-May-08 12:59:07

You can buy them online. I think I remember a really good website - something to do with Lions. Lion in the Sun?

MargaretMountford Wed 14-May-08 13:08:22

I've seen them in Sainsbury's

brimfull Wed 14-May-08 13:15:05

lidl sometimes

Iklboo Wed 14-May-08 13:16:22

Our Lidl has some in

piratecat Wed 14-May-08 13:17:59

somerfield have them, i just bought dd a new one. I have two spare here but they would be too small. my dd is 6.

ListersSister Wed 14-May-08 22:54:05

Ta guys - I didn't realise supermarkets sold them I will do a tour of those in my area smile

SchnitzelVonKrumm Wed 14-May-08 23:04:46

waterproof world

nappyaddict Wed 14-May-08 23:05:10

how do you know how thick they are? ds is still cold in his so thinking it might not be 30mm.

SubRosa Wed 14-May-08 23:11:28

Tesco have some cheap ones, I think they're Wetsuit Factory (cheap, but ok brand).

wohmum Wed 14-May-08 23:13:04

there's one in 'for sale' for a 4-5 yr old, not sure of thickness though.

MintChocAddict Wed 14-May-08 23:17:01

TK Maxx have them as do Matalan

nappyaddict Fri 16-May-08 16:01:49

i thought they only came in 5mm or 3mm? 30mm seems very thick. that's

jura Fri 16-May-08 16:18:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tatterdemalion Fri 16-May-08 16:20:35


nappyaddict Fri 16-May-08 16:21:24

maybe she means 1.5mm and 3.0mm but forgot the decimal point? that would make sense.

whatsoccurring Fri 16-May-08 16:22:49

Tesco have the atm, got DD one the other day for £13 smallest size, she went in the sea with it on and was fine and warm, first swim of the year smile

ListersSister Fri 16-May-08 16:23:45

Durr, yes I meant 3mm rather than 1.5mm...

I have now purchased a 3mm one from the wetsuit factory via tinternet. Couldn't find any in the supermarkets round our way for some reason. the current suit wasn't really a wetsuit, more a neopreme shell. The new one looks thicker obviously, but is still very flexible. No blue dd smile
Thanks again

chunkychips Fri 16-May-08 16:24:57

great little trading company do them, although you will pay through the nose. Tesco looks like the best option, haven't seen them in ours though.

dustystar Fri 16-May-08 16:26:06

The new Aldi stores in Boscombe and Poole are selling them for £4

nappyaddict Fri 16-May-08 16:27:44

LS - where did you get the 1.5mm one from?

ListersSister Fri 16-May-08 16:32:01

Nappy - Mike's Diving - ebay shop. Fab service and really quick.

Have had a 1.5 suit for over a year, used once a week, plus all day for a week on holidays and it is still fine smile

HaventSleptForAYear Fri 16-May-08 16:42:16

Quick question for those who have used wetsuits on kids before (or indeed on adults).

How quickly do they dry?

Am thinking of holidays where you take the wetsuit home and then it needs to be dry the next day - and in wetsuit weather things don't always dry quickly.

Am v. tempted by one for me & DH too because we have a loan of a house nr Cherbourg and often find it too cold to swim there.

ohnoherewego Fri 16-May-08 16:48:24

Got them for me and dc in Decathlon last year. Really cheap and they dry very quickly; have taken mine off before lunch and ok to wear again after. Even if it is damp it's a lot more pleaseant than wriggling into a wet swimsuit!

cornsilk Fri 16-May-08 16:48:34

I get them from O'Neill usually. Quite expensive. Have also bought them from 'surfing' shops whilst on holiday. They dry very quickly. I think they are a lifesaver on holiday. So much easier than faffing about cossies.

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