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Do you understand French - have I just written a load of gobbliedooke??!!

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ThomCat Thu 13-Jan-05 17:22:17

You don't have to translate this but does it make any sense, that's all I need to know.

Please tell me I haven't just written something that makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!!



Svp permettez-moi de se présenter à vous, mon nom est Sara et je travaille pour des communications de médias et je donne la pression et la publicité pour le mA seul le R-U

Là ben l'intérêt du R-U enfoncent Emma interviewant De Caunes et moi s'est demandé si Emma serait availble ? Il serait merveilleux si nous pouvions obtenir Emma à Londres pour un couple des jours si elle était disponible ou peut-être elle pourrait mettre de côté un certain temps pour faire quelques entrevues de téléphone pour nous ?

Le le je veuillez savoir si c'est une possibilité.

Beaucoup de mercis et sincères amitiés - Thomcat !

FrenchGirl Thu 13-Jan-05 17:26:16

Not a bad effort TC but some of it is rather confusing....
want some help???

ThomCat Thu 13-Jan-05 17:30:39

Oh no, I knew it would be.
Why am I so crap, I hate that English people, well most of us, are rubbish at speaking anything other than our own language.

I've sent the email now.

i just wanted to know if Emma de caunes would be around to be interviewed by UK press to promote the release of Ma Mere. Would she be able to come to the UK or perhapos be availble for the press to telephone her and interview her.

Thanks Frenchgirl, don't drive yourself mad trying to work it all out though.

Do you think that it might be understood by her agent of not?

FrenchGirl Thu 13-Jan-05 17:33:20

I'm sure they'll get the idea! Whatever they don't get they only have to call you to clarify, so don't worry!!! FWIW, it's hard to master a language unless you actually live in the country and have to use it daily, both spoken and written, so don't beat yourself up!!!

ThomCat Thu 13-Jan-05 17:34:34

Bless you, you lovely girl

How great that you were there and posted back so quickly.

TC xx

FrenchGirl Thu 13-Jan-05 17:39:51

Look if you want to send a second e-mail just to be safe you could say:


Suite a mon precedent e-mail, qui etait confus, je voulais simplement vous demander si Emma de Caunes serait prete a venir a Londres pour faire des interviews avec la presse anglaise afin d'assurer la promotion de son nouveau film, 'Ma Mere', ou bien si elle serait disponible pour des entretiens telephoniques?

Je vous remercie de votre patience,

Bien a vous


It's short, polite and to the point I think.

Emma de Caunes seems good fun by the way!!

FrenchGirl Thu 13-Jan-05 17:40:37

you're welcome thomchat

ThomCat Fri 14-Jan-05 20:06:39

Ahhhh, just seen that you typed that all out for me, bless you and thanks so much. If they don't respond I'll send your, thank you, TC xx

ThomCat Fri 14-Jan-05 20:07:27

OI! Just got the chat rather than cat

pupuce Fri 14-Jan-05 20:13:52

hmmm..... Thomcat as Frenbchgirl says nice effort,.... you might need to use her proposal next week still (I think).....

ThomCat Fri 14-Jan-05 20:16:38

OH NO! The shame of it. What have i said. What's the worst thing I said, I need to know, oh no, or do I!

pupuce Fri 14-Jan-05 20:22:07

Did you do it with Alta Visat tanslation??? sounds like it....
What is pour le mA seul lr R-U ?????????

Là ben (????) 'intérêt du R-U enfoncent Emma interviewant De Caunes et moi s'est demandé si Emma serait availble (really awful.... sorry.... I have to say I am giggling when reading it..... sorry.... I am sure they are giggling too!)

You don't "obtenir" though I got it

couple de jopur is French Canadian

I got the end...

Le le je ???? what's that ?

And you don't do beaucoup de mercis....

But I have to say it is very sweet and I would not think they would be offended.... nice effort (good giggle for me.... hope you don't take it the wrong way.... I am rubbish at writting in Dutch myself!)

ThomCat Fri 14-Jan-05 20:26:02

Oh God, feel sick!
Wanted to show willing. Yes did use ALta vista / babble fish. Bloody crap English bird! I typed it out in English as well so hope they are better at English than my French was!

oxocube Fri 14-Jan-05 20:33:03

Thomcat, having lived in Switzerland where I had to learn French from scratch (and never got the hang of written French) and now in Holland where my Dutch is dreadful, I think your 'having a go' attitude is fab and is nothing to be embarassed about xx

pupuce Fri 14-Jan-05 20:46:35

Oh don't feel sick... I feel bad now !

SenoraPostrophe Fri 14-Jan-05 20:52:30

Oh god, babelfish. (could rant here about what people think translators do for a living, but I won´t rub it in).

At least you tried, thomcat, and at least you know to post on mumsnet first next time!

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