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TENA lady

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joash Thu 13-Jan-05 00:39:59

DH has just informed me that, even though I'm not at that stage yet - he's sent for a free sample of Tena lady thingy's - just in case. CHEEKY B*STARD!!!

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:44:08

Maybe tell him you've started accumalating viagra for the future - just in case

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:44:31

(and I am absolutely not stalking you, BTW!)

joash Thu 13-Jan-05 00:46:54

He'll need more than bloody viagra by the time I've finished with him (I don't mean anything sexual either)!!!

He's got this obsession with freebies and BOGOF's, etc. Can';t understand that stocking up on something because it's cheap is false economy, when we end up throwing most of the stuff aweay cause we don't use it. He was so proud cause he found a coupon for FREE Tena Lady - says that's not false economy..

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:48:19

No it's not, because it could be used as, urm....... as a disposable wooden floor buffer?

joash Thu 13-Jan-05 00:50:22

Could also be useful to stem the flow of blood when I remove his bits with a blunt knife...

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:52:09


LMAO though, a tena lady?!

joash Thu 13-Jan-05 00:54:04


highlander Thu 13-Jan-05 03:34:01

well,seeing as the NHS is free and all............ why don't you book him in for a Well Man Check, including the finger-up-the-bum prostate examination

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