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where in the car should they sit

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lindaUK Wed 12-Jan-05 23:49:17

Can anyone tell me where in the car a five year old is allowed to sit, my son-in-law insits its ok for GD to sit in front seat of the car in her booster seat, this I'm not so sure of as I alway's thought they had to sit in the back of the car until a certain age.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 23:54:33

She is safer with a booster seat in the front than without one, and it isn't illegal in this country to sit a 5-yr-old in the front, but if there is a shoulder belt for her in the back, she is safest there.

joash Wed 12-Jan-05 23:55:42

I believe that as long as they have the right equipment (boosters etc), children can sit in the front.

lindaUK Thu 13-Jan-05 00:04:41

Thanks, I will be interested to see the remarks to this question as I feel so guilty when she is in my car because she is screaming to sit in the front with me and when I do this I just feel it isn't right that she is the front of the car, but then again when her dad lets her do it (and her mum ) what can I do, she does have a booster seat and uses it at all times in all our car's.

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:05:52

There is information here about where to put children safely in cars (esp front seats and air bags). Follow other links on the page for further info .

Levanna Thu 13-Jan-05 00:10:28

linda, regardless of the law or recommendations, if you feel she is safer in the back (and really, she is) please don't feel guilty about doing what you know is right. The guilt of someting avoidable happening would be far, far worse .

essbee Thu 13-Jan-05 02:13:59

Message withdrawn

KateandtheGirls Thu 13-Jan-05 03:43:25

In the US they recommend children be in the back of the car till age 13, whether there's an airbag or not. The back is the safest place for anyone to sit.

nailpolish Thu 13-Jan-05 08:03:44

i was led to believe it is illegal for children under 11 to sit in the front seat, regardless of booster seats etc

misdee Thu 13-Jan-05 08:23:08

its not illegal, just not recommended.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 08:58:48

Oh, I'd forgotten about airbags . linda, if his car has a passenger airbag she should not sit in the front - children have been killed by airbags.

This is from babycentre:

<<To be protective, an air bag must inflate almost instantly after a crash, so it is released from the dashboard very fast indeed, some experts say at 200 miles per hour. The clearest risk is to babies in rear-facing seats. When placed in the front seat (against manufacturers' strict warnings), rearward-facing infant seats are directly in the air bag's line of fire.

Air bags can also be dangerous for older children in the front seat. Because children have weaker back, neck, and stomach muscles, as well as a head that is larger relative to their body size, it is harder for them to maintain an upright position in even a gentle collision. So they face a greater risk of coming face to face with the blunt force of the bag as it expands.>>

If there isn't an airbag the front seat should be pushed as far back as possible when she is in it.

What does your daughter say about it?

hercules Thu 13-Jan-05 09:06:11

I believe they want to make it illegal this year for children under 11 to sit in the front.

hercules Thu 13-Jan-05 09:07:06

I believe it is nothing to do with height (so booster seat doesnt make this up) but about the strength of their neck muscles.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 09:12:01

I sort of hope they do make it illegal, but then I think sometimes you have to put an under-11 in the front - what are you going to do then? Put it in the boot? Leave it behind? Not go at all?

hercules Thu 13-Jan-05 09:13:41

I see what you mean. DS (9) goes in the back but there has been occasions when we've had his friends on the car that he has had to sit in the front.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 09:14:48

Exactly, herc.

KateandtheGirls Thu 13-Jan-05 14:51:03

That's why I have a people carrier. Usually there are only 3 of us (me and the two kids), but sometimes I have my nephew and 2 nieces, and I wouldn't drive anywhere without them being properly secured in the back seat.

Tinker Thu 13-Jan-05 14:59:54

I hope they don't make it illegal. Mine has always sat in front so we can chat. Nightmare in a 2 door car if have to go in the back.

nailpolish Thu 13-Jan-05 15:01:31

would it just be illegal if the front had airbags?

wordsmith Thu 13-Jan-05 15:04:49

I don't have a front passenger seat airbag, and I put the baby's rear-facing car seat on the front seat when I was the only other occupant of the car so I could check on him. Now he is in a bigger car seat he is in the back seat. However DS1 (age nearly 5) has a booster seat in the back or the front, usually in the back with his little brother but when it's just me and him in the car he's normally in the front with me. I had no idea there were moves afoot to make it illegal for under-11s.

When I was little (60s and 70s) we just used to rattle round the back seat fighting! Cringe to think of it now. But cars were slower and there were less of them. Plus I think someone used to have to walk in front with a red flag....

KateandtheGirls Thu 13-Jan-05 15:07:01

LOL Wordsmith, how old are you?

tarantula Thu 13-Jan-05 15:13:58

We (my siss and I)were talking about this the other day and we cant believe that all 6 of us kids used to sit in the back (4 across and 2 on knees) and it was thought prefectly accecptable . I was always told that kids in the front was illegal too (could have been a parents ploy to stop us arguing about going in the front tho)

KateandtheGirls Thu 13-Jan-05 15:18:19

Tinker, you can do whatever you want with your children, but would you please just read information such as this from Babycenter so you can make an informed choice and weigh the factors involved, and not just put your child in the front because it's easier or you can chat.

"Buckling a child into the backseat instead of the front reduces by a third his risk of death in a collision."

Bozza Thu 13-Jan-05 15:33:36

I don't really get what is so difficult with a two door car. I have always had a two door car and the only time its ever really caused me difficulty is fastening DS in when I was heavily pregnant with DD. But now I regularly fasten DS in his high back booster and DD complete with baby seat with no problem. In fact I think its easier because I can do them both at once from DDs side rather than having to open the other door and do DS which is what I have to do in DH's bigger 4 door car.

wordsmith Thu 13-Jan-05 15:35:46

KATG, I'm 43. (I was joking about the red flag bit!)

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