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Dd1 has got to dress up as a victorian schoolgirl.....ideas please

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nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:25:34

I know without looking that she hasn;t anything any where near suitable in her wardrobe.

It needs to be very cheap whatever it is as one i am broke and two i refuse to spend a fortune on something that won't be worn again.

So ideas please, not even sure exactly what a victorian schoolgirl wore.

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:28:00

Edwardian would be a pretty (puff sleeved) patterned/coloured dress - with a white pinafore/apron (frilly)

I'd do that as it's easy and you can say you made an effort

Victorian - maybe dark dress and pinny?

CarrieG Wed 12-Jan-05 20:28:36

Long skirt, neat blouse, long apron? All in sober colours or small floral print?

fisil Wed 12-Jan-05 20:30:35

yes, long dark skirt (one of yours?) and a "pretty" white blouse and an apron (an old muslin tucked into her waistband?)

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:31:06

Ok , where do i get them from ???

Suppose charity shops would be a start but anywhere else i could look ??

fisil Wed 12-Jan-05 20:31:21

Or if you don't have a blouse, a plain high necked top with a broach at the throat. Probably not what a child would have worn, but Victorian in feel!

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:32:15

He he Fisil, i don't have anything of mine remotely like that...hmmm wonder if my mom does

fisil Wed 12-Jan-05 20:34:33

do you have any plain skirts at all? Whatever they look like on you, they could be made to look "gathered" and "long" on her (assuming this is not some hidden away 18 year old dd you have!).

Not that I would have anything suitable ...

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:35:52

How old/big is she?

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:38:02

She is a very skinny 7

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:41:35

Can I help my DD is a large 7.....when does it need to be for?

fisil Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:14

What about getting one of the snow white type outfits from Tesco and washing it with pond coloured fabric dye?

lou33 Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:45

janh is the expert on this, she saved my bacon!

charliecat Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:48

My dd had this, I put on her a black short size 10 dress ( fitted her like a long dress) with a white pillow case over the top. I sliced the sides of the pillow case and cut a neck hole and added ties to keep it together at the side. Good Luck I dreaded it, but she looked fine on the day!

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:44:38

Any help would be great. Not sure when it is for, she just told me about it today, they are doing the topic now so i assume the assembly will be pretty soon.

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:50:21

Does she have a party dress?
A white shirt/blouse?
A pinafore?
Any sort of dress?

Check Charity Shops - you could get some one net curtains for a pinny?

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 20:56:04

nutty, do you want to borrow ours?

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:56:14

She doesn't have any of those things Katie. Have got to go in to town tommorow so i'll hit the charity shops then.

If i am feeling really clever i may have a go at running her something up on my moms machine.

nutcracker Wed 12-Jan-05 20:58:05

I may take you up on that Jan. Think dd was hoping i would make her something though so i'll have a look in the shops and then let you know.

I am very crap with a machine so if it all goes wrong i'll take you up on your offer

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 21:04:00


lou33 Wed 12-Jan-05 21:09:31


Heathcliffscathy Wed 12-Jan-05 21:23:09


smocks are the thing no? friend that can sew?

Carla Wed 12-Jan-05 21:48:13

Nutty, how old is she? I've got a fab one dd1 used at her Stagecoach production, and you're welcome to it if it would fit.

pixel Sat 15-Jan-05 22:27:43

My dd had to dress up as a victorian. She wore a heavy cord floral patterned dress from a charity shop (too big so it was nice and long), a white pinafore made from an old sheet, thick black tights and her black jodphur boots (ankle length)plus she had her hair done in a 'victorian' style. Her hair is too fine for ringlets so she had it parted at the side and caught up in a big bow. Though I say it myself she really looked the part and the only bit I had to make was the pinafore. I'm definately no seamstress but it was easier than I expected. Good luck and don't forget to take a photo!

morningpaper Sat 15-Jan-05 22:34:03

I did this recently but it was ME that had to dress up -

wore a normal white blouse/shirt but turned the collar INSIDE OUT at the top so it looked like a high-necked shirt instead - put an old brooch at the top.

Wore black skirt. Used a lacy/woolen white shawl, folder into triangle around arms and fasted at the front with another brooch.

Black tights and boots.

Looked like a right MOOSE though.

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