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P$$$d off with TMobile

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tallulah Wed 12-Jan-05 20:20:16

I'm on an All-in-One contract with T-mobile, which means I pay about £100 a year with 60 mins a month included. When I first took it out you also got a phone or a free upgrade, but they've stopped that now.

My phone has reached the point where after a full night's charge I can call someone & as soon as they answer it bleeps & dies. Tried to get a new battery- £25. Tried all the shops for a new phone.... all got cameras etc & want a small fortune. None of the reasonably priced handsets are on T-mobile- just all the other networks (I want a nokia- no camera, just a bog standard phone)

Got out the latest bill for the "customer service" number (& that's a joke in itself). They are now charging 85p/month for itemised billing (since when I don't know because up to 12/03 they weren't) & my free minutes don't get used because they don't allow cross network... Also this month they have charged me for a WAP call... only 2p BUT my elderly phone cannot access the internet......

Tried to ring from DHs mobile. Listened to music for 3.5 minutes then a disembodied voice said they couldn't connect me & hung up. Tried to email & got a response that they couldn't answer it until I'd registered for a password. Did all that & apparently it takes 2 days to set up!!!!! I give up!!!

Anyone know if I can demand a refund of the unused part of the £110 they've just taken from my account & go elsewhere? Which network includes cross network calls in the allowance?

pixiefish Wed 12-Jan-05 20:22:46

your contract sounds archaic. I'd go to another company. vodafone, phones4u, dialaphone or carphone warehouse- they all do far better deals than that adn you'll get a new phone

Caligula Wed 12-Jan-05 20:37:23

tallulah, phone up one of the other companies, ask them about their deals, then ask them what you need to keep your current number.

There's a code, but I forget what it's called.

When you then call your current company and ask for the code, they'll immediately put you through to the customer retention team, who will do whatever you ask to keep you. They'll send you a new phone out immediately.

That was my experience anyway.

lou33 Wed 12-Jan-05 20:47:48

I'm on orange, they have great customer service, which is free. I pay £25 a month for 120 mins talk time cross network at any time and 250 texts

You can get 60min tariffs and less texts so it owuld cost less if that is too much. I had about 15 phones i was able to upgrade to for free on my tariff this year. Got one with video recording and an mp3 player integrated, as well as a phone, but am sure there are more basic ones if you want them.

Have a look at their website here , see if there is anything you like

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 21:00:50

tallulah, they really are taking the piss. Just tell them you're leaving and see what they say! (Pity you didn't get to this stage before they took the £110 though...)

Caroline5 Wed 12-Jan-05 21:18:47

I had the same experience as Caligula - I was just about to leave T-Mobile for Orange, but when I rang up to cancel, T-Mobile undercut at the last minute. They sent me a bog standard Nokia phone through the post.

tallulah Thu 13-Jan-05 18:09:30

I have been trying to ring them for 3 days. Yesterday it rang & rang then cut off. Today there was a recorded message saying it would take 10 minutes for them to answer!! Of course I can't ring for free from my mobile because the thing won't work!!!! I have sent them another snotty email. If all else fails I will go to the Link on Saturday & see if they can do something from their end.

starlover Fri 14-Jan-05 09:40:49

tallulah, do you have a local t-mobile shop? it may be worth going in there. I gave up on t-mobile because of their shit customer service too.
Have since been with Orange and O2.
Orange have the BEST customer service EVER, they are really fab and I would highly recommend them. I only changed to O2 because Orange weren't doing the phone I wanted and I got a really good deal with them online. Their online tariffs are much, much better than if you go in the shop or call them!

tallulah Sat 15-Jan-05 11:49:18

starlover, we did try the tmobile shop last week... they were about as helpful as, well a chocolate tea pot!!

Anyway I've had a result. I sent them a really snotty email & they rang me at work yesterday. They were very nice & very helpful. I'm not tied in to this contract & they will refund me what i've paid up front!

They gave me a number of options, including the PAC number I need to change networks, & explained how it worked. They also answered all the other queries I had. So they have redeemed themselves (but I'm still looking at other networks).

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