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SPARKLER1 Wed 12-Jan-05 11:41:45

I want to get a home shopping catalogue and was thinking of applying for the NEXT one. Does anyone else use it? Is it a good one to use? Thanks!

lunavix Wed 12-Jan-05 11:44:38

It's quite good. A lot of the stuff in it isn't in the shops either.

jangly Wed 12-Jan-05 11:46:49

You have to pay for it though, don't you! £3.50.

NameChangingMancMidlander Wed 12-Jan-05 11:48:18

I don't understand why you would need the catalogue though sparks as Next Directory is all online, so you wouldn't have to pay the money for the paper version but you'd still get the whole range.

serenity Wed 12-Jan-05 11:48:31

I think you get that refunded with your first order?

starlover Wed 12-Jan-05 11:49:11

i had the WORST experience with Next... all started from ordering online. It's an incredibly long story so won't bore you, but certainly wouldn't recommend using it.

woodpops Wed 12-Jan-05 11:50:40

I'm a bit of a Next Directory addict. Yep, I admit it. It's fab for delivery. If I order before 5 today my order would be here for tomorrow am. On the downside you often find they don't have items in stock.

woodpops Wed 12-Jan-05 11:51:17

Ooooh tell us starlover, I'm intrigued (sp?)

SeaShells Wed 12-Jan-05 11:53:04

I've shopped from the NEXT directory for a while, the clothes are lovelly and reasonably priced, you do have to pay interest on your balance though, but other catalogues add this on to start with anyway. In the past year I've had a lot of trouble with lost parcels though, don't think it's actually NEXT but the company who couriers for them, several lost parcels or items missing from parcels though I've been charged for them, the stuff I ordered online from the Sale recently has gone missing, not impressed! I will continue to shop with them though as they are a million times better than any other home shopping catalogue IMO, their customer service seems good too.

lunavix Wed 12-Jan-05 11:55:23

Don't go with Kays either! They keep sending me out weird letters and statements.. and I never even recieved a catalogue.

pinkdiamond Wed 12-Jan-05 12:00:12

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 12-Jan-05 12:22:58

ok, brief version!

ordered a maternity skirt online because our local store don't stock maternity items. Their site went tits up halfway through and I was sent a confirmation e-mail but had no order number or anything so couldn't check the order on the website.
The skirt never came, but a Next delivery man came round one day to see if he could leave a parcel with us for a neighbour, we asked if he had anything for me and he said no, although my name was on his list!
As I hadn't paid I didn't think any more of it, and managed to buy the skirt at bluewater anyway.
I then was sent the directory, which I hadn't asked for, and at the end of the month got a bill for the skirt and the directory (which you are only supposed to be charged for if you order something from the catalogue!)
Phoned them and explained, the lady said yes my parcel had gone missing, and that she would cancel the entire thing and that would be that.
Next month, got another statement, this time for the directory again, and a service charge. Phoned them again and said I had never use the directory, and hadn't aske for it. The lady didn't know what the service charge was so once more she took the whole amount off. I asked to close the account and she said she would.
Next month got ANOTHER statement for directory and another service charge. Rang them and got it removed and wrote a letter asking them to remove all my details from system and close my account. Got a letter in reply confirming this.
Well, guess what I got the next month? taht's right... another bill for directory and service charge. This time I was so angry I wrote them a letter which told them in no uncertain terms to "leave me the f**k alone" and that I wasn't paying for things I hadn't had or asked for. Suggested to them that they may want to stop employing mentally retarded halfwits who can't do their job properly.
A week or so later I had a very apologetic phone call from Next, and then they sent me £15 of vouchers in the post!

poppy101 Wed 12-Jan-05 12:25:11

I tried ordering online a while ago, didn't have the catalogue want just to order online, but found that a box requested that you had to pay for a next catalogue, which I didn't want to do. Emailed Next but got no response.
However, my Next in town said that if I want anything from Next that they would be happy for me to order it in store as they don't stock many little baby clothes and they could get it to the store in 3 working days.

jangly Wed 12-Jan-05 12:32:11

poppy101 - that happened to me at Christmas. I went ahead and oredered the goods and rang them up saying I didn't want a catalogue. They still sent one, I rang again and they said I could keep it anyway - no charge!

poppy101 Wed 12-Jan-05 12:34:40

Oh perhaps I will try and order again soon.

lou33 Wed 12-Jan-05 12:37:21

been with kays for about 6 years and never had a problem with them myself.

woodpops Wed 12-Jan-05 12:43:32

I think their call centre is in India as well. I really struggle to understand the people when I'm trying to place an order!!!

SeaShells Wed 12-Jan-05 12:45:49

I use Littlewoods who are brill IMO, I only use them for big household things though as the clothes aren't that nice and abit pricey, but have had some good stuff out of it (tv, dyson, washing machine, etc) They do alot of promotions like buy now pay next aug etc, and 100wks interest free etc.

SeaShells Wed 12-Jan-05 12:47:53

Talking of NEXT, my order has just turned up, hurray! Oh yeah agree with Woodpops, think the call centre being in India is the main problem, they don't understand you and you don't understand them, forgott about that as have been buying online lately.

dancer77 Wed 12-Jan-05 13:52:18

I do use next quite a lot. However when you state whether you want delivery am or pm it never seems to make any difference at all and it comes whenever they want it too. I've never had anything delivered on time I don't think. But I still use them. I'm still waiting for a delivery that was supposed to come yesterday.

dancer77 Wed 12-Jan-05 15:04:48

It's just arrived now!

bluesky Wed 12-Jan-05 17:43:01

it's HUGE this time!!

misdee Wed 12-Jan-05 17:48:14

cherers for reminding me, gotta pay my account bill.

Mirage Wed 12-Jan-05 19:20:37

The call centre is actually in Leicester-not India.But Leicester has a large Indian population,so a lot of the staff may come from that background.

SPARKLER1 Thu 13-Jan-05 00:00:12

Thanks everyone. Although some of you have had a few problems but I think I shall order a catalogue anyway. NCMM I know that you can order online but I like to sit and browse through catalogues - I love it when the small catalogues fall out of the Sunday papers and the Betterware catalogue pops through my door. How sad I must be - must get out more

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