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do i have to pay????

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starlover Wed 12-Jan-05 11:21:18

back in November I pre-ordered some cd's online from
they came on saturday but today I had an e-mail from recordstore saying that they had made a mistake with the order.
Apparently they tried to put my order through but my card was declined because it had expired since i put the order through, however their system still processed the order and it was sent out to me.
They asked me if I would phone or fax my debit card number to them so they can put the payment through.
Seeing as it is their own fault that they sent me the stuff without taking payment am I actually obliged to pay? also, how can I make sure the e-mail I received is really from them?

WigWamBam Wed 12-Jan-05 12:31:49

I would suspect that you are obliged to pay them, having received the goods, but do check first whether the cash has been taken from your account. If it hasn't, then there's a good chance that the email is genuinely from them. You could always check with them via their website if they have received payment and whether the email is genuine.

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jan-05 12:32:52

Yes, you are obliged to pay. Agree that you should use the contact details on their website to contact them though.

Bunglie Wed 12-Jan-05 12:42:21

I think you are obliged to pay. You are only not obliged to pay if you receive 'unsolicitated goods' I think that is right. With reagards to the email I would email them and check.
If you ordered something and they have sent it to you then I think that you should pay for them unless there is a reason such as the goods a faulty or something like that. If you do not want them anymore I guess you could send them back and then you would not owe anything...I advise you pay for them if you want them, but I do not understand why you do not think you should not pay for them, sorry I am probably being a bit stupid! Is it because they took so long to arrive, in which case perhaps you could email them and ask them to knock something off the price as compensation due to the fact that you had to wait...but I am really not sure what your rights are. I would go to the CAB if you are really concerned.
Sorry I am not very helpful, but I hope that you manage to sort it out.

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