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ACAS vs CAB - Help...

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jampots Tue 11-Jan-05 13:29:58

Having taken advice from Acas last week regarding my redundancy situation, they advised me to go along to CAB to complete an unfair dismissal claim which I have done today. Trouble is, the woman at CAB is unsure of all the current law surrounding this situation. I am left now more confused than before my appointment. Does anyone have any advice?

Evesmama Tue 11-Jan-05 13:32:48

i also went to cab to take my old employers to tribunal because of unfair dismissal.imho, they where crap and cos they're free, they do as little as possible to tie it all up so they dont have to do too much work!thats m.o.
i think acas mainly work for the employer until it gos to court..i wish id gone to a solicitor to do it..see if you can get one who you apy when you get your payment...even just go for a free consultation to ask their advice as cab make things look like a thick fog, so its not just you!.hope you get sorted

galaxy Tue 11-Jan-05 13:45:52

Have you checked your household insurance policy. You may have legal expenses cover for this. We're with Lloyds TSB and I've been appointed a solicitor to handle my work issues. I found CAB totally unhelpful and they just referred me to an employment lawyer who charged £170 an hour. Also look in your Yellow Pages for a local lawyer who offers a free half hour consultation and/or no win no fee.

tentunturq Tue 11-Jan-05 13:47:58

Hi Jampots, sorry to hear this is all still dragging on for you. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the CAB. I used to be a CAB advisor and I'm surprised that the woman didn't have up to date info on her database, as NACAB used to be very on the ball with all that. Can you ask for an appointment with a different advisor (or the manager)? In spite of all the training, there are still a lot of "'Puter says NO" advisors about! I would ask if there's a law specialist there or another local branch (some branches have them). She should have rung ACAS herself to get the law clarified!
Otherwise I guess a solicitor would be best - again the CAB should have given you some names of local specialists. I would phone up and be a bit demanding!

MummytoSteven Tue 11-Jan-05 13:49:52

could you try the equal opportunities commission

think they tend to be quite picky as to what they take on, but they do seem to have a good reputation for running employment cases

or the bar free representation unit?

also you could see if CAB have any days when solicitors come in to do a free session?

sis Wed 12-Jan-05 22:15:11

Jampot, as far as i am aware, as your employer has dismissed you without following the proper procedure as set out here , they are the ones at risk from having any award made against them increased by 20-50%! If you want to be on the ultra safe side, you could appeal against their decision to dismiss you as redundant by writing to them stating that you are formally appealing. The DTI website has more detailed guidance for employees and employers.

Does that help at all?

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