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Not sure where to move to....

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PlainFlum Tue 11-Jan-05 11:37:10

...anyone know any of those websites that tell you about different areas if you are thinking of moving there.

We are gonna move out of London this year not sure where to maybe Wiltshire. DP wants full on rural, I'm willing to give it a try although will miss my Eastend life.

Anyone live anywhere lovely, recommend nice villages. We will be renting to start with as clearly will never be organised to save a deposit for a house.

Kelly1978 Tue 11-Jan-05 11:40:12, or are both great for checking out specific areas. Knowhere gives overviews of towns, and upmystreet is better once you've found a town and want to check out specific locations.
Good luck with it, I moved from rural to city 6 months ago, it was a big change, but I wouldn't go back!

PlainFlum Tue 11-Jan-05 11:47:33

Thanks for the sites.

Mmmm I love the city but willing to try a change. Will miss friends but tbh rarely have time to see them anyway.

I have visions of a huge house in country and all my friends coming to visit. I know it would not be like that though as 'out of site, out of mind'

SecondhandRose Tue 11-Jan-05 20:23:04

Oh wow, how wonderful for you. Are you sure you want to go completely in the country? We are in the country but still only 15 minutes from the M25 in Herts. How about the Kent coast if you are in the Eastend now? Do check on schools too, I think the site is . Or what about the Suffolk countryside there are some lovely villages all not too far from Ipswich.

lockets Tue 11-Jan-05 20:24:31

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Tue 11-Jan-05 20:25:21

After watching the C4 programmes on Global Warming all week, I'd buy on a hill!

SecondhandRose Tue 11-Jan-05 20:27:51

Why Frizbe? What's the hill thing?

Gem13 Tue 11-Jan-05 20:57:48

If you're going to miss city life I'd personally go for a town. Maybe somewhere on the edge of a town and then DP can be rural!

Moving to a village can be very lonely especially if everyone is out at work all day and there aren't any shops/schools/playgroups, etc. It also means it's diffidult to meet people. Why not make a list of what you want, i.e. walking distance to shops, decent public transport or do you have car, etc. and start from there?

Frizbe Tue 11-Jan-05 22:55:50

Oh the hill thing is in the next 20 years most of the uk will be subjected to horrible degrees of flooding due to global warming, and various bits due to the governments lack of sea defence policy, they're going for the natural effect route in places, ie spots of suffolk and norfolk (that bit in the Observer mag last sunday!) I'd check the environment agencys flood forcasts before buying anywhere.....or buy somewhere on stilts....

wizzysmum Tue 11-Jan-05 23:06:38

We moved 6 years ago from the edge of London to the middle of nowhere. We have lovely views and great neighbours but I hate it. Tonight DH had to drive about 11 miles to the nearest decent Chinese restaurant for takeaway... It's all been brought home to me because we're spending most of this year in Stockholm, and even though I'm exhausted with home ed for 3 and looking after baby I LOVE it there - I'd forgotten how alive a city can make you feel. Before you fall for the idyllic country life, bear in mind I had a round trip of 85 miles to buy some baby Startrites this week.
Bitter and twisted? Who, me?
Also You'll never wear good shoes for the school run again. Too muddy. And even though village schools are very caring, there can often be a lack of intellectual peers for kids due to small numbers on roll and there are often two or even three years per class.

SecondhandRose Tue 11-Jan-05 23:32:55

Thanks Frizbe, we live on the top of a hill so I'm relieved.

Gwenick Tue 11-Jan-05 23:43:32

Don't trust upmystreet - honestly!!

Do a search for postcodes you know of in your local town. I did that before we moved - and found that a VERY plush part of town came up with the same results as the bit 'next door' (so to speak) that was absolutely terrible!! IT doesn't search 'specific' postcodes - but postcode AREAS - so you could learn that your new area is wonderful (when it's not) and or the other way round.

I've just done a search for my area and it comes up with some very strange things

"Family Income - Low" - hmm me thinks not round this part of town

"Couples with children - medium" - not really mainly full of yuppies and old people!

Not to mention that the crime and unemployment statistics are for the whole town I've found it doens't 'really' help much at all (actually said the area we've just moved from was pretty decent........).

Knowhere 'can' be quite good - although recently it seems to have been hijacked with teenagers saying where the best pubs, skating parks and 'hang out' spots are!

I found the best place to find out about 'areas' - was to have a look at the local papers (online) of the areas you want to move to. Read them regularly (ours is a daily one so that helps LOL) and you soon get a 'feel' for things.

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