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Is Anyone Elses 3.5 Year Old Obsessive to the Point that you want to Scream!!!!

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mumtochloe Tue 11-Jan-05 11:34:18

My 3 year old DD has suddenly become ridiculously obsessive and it is driving me nuts! I think she is at her worst at bedtime - she makes me say goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite, sweet dreams then love you lots in exactly the same order. If I miss one of these out I then have to start again and she will cry until I get it right.

Is this nirmal? Please tell me she is not suffering from OCD at such a young age. Does anyone elses DD / DS do this?

suzywong Tue 11-Jan-05 11:57:38

yes completely normal

drives you nuts doesn't it. I guess it's just the asserting their control over you now they know they can.

DS is bossy with it, if I try and join in his favourite songs he hissess "No! You can't sing that"

so it's very very nirmal

handlemecarefully Tue 11-Jan-05 12:03:37

No but my 2.6 month old is just like this. I have to kiss her lips, both cheeks, forehead, both palms of hands and then say "sleep well, see you in the morning" etc....

there are various other very strict routines at other points in the day....

Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 12:07:57

Yeah think it is normal. DS has a certain night time routine dreamt up by DH and him which drives me nuts when I put him to bed. Its the usual bath, teeth, story then starts getting odd - go kiss Mummy & baby sister, then pick him up to look out of the landing window "to see whats going on" (nothing as a rule because we live on a cul-de-sac in a village but maybe somebodies left out their wheelie bin or something), then carry him to the light switch so he can switch it off himself, then throw (literally) him into bed, say "goodnight, no messing, don't get up until the light comes on" and thats it I think.

Although the next time DH is away I suppose something else equally bizarre will have been added to the list of essentials.

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