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Sharon8 Mon 10-Jan-05 19:08:18

My 7 year old has been invited to a sleepover 18 miles from where we live. My daughter has cried and been very upset at the thought of saying NO to this girl. I am against it as she has spoken of the girl being "angry" if she say no or "bullying"her. The night involves a limo, pizza trip, disco and sleepover which I feel unhappy with as these are 7/8 year olds not teenagers. Unfortunatley my husband answered the phone and said "Yes, fine!" and so I now seem like an ogre for feeling genuinely angry that this has been taken out of my control. My daughter is more upset than she has ever been but am I the problem here?

warmmum Mon 10-Jan-05 19:10:32

Why don't you talk to the mum organising the event and iron a few of your worries out. Then take a view and discuss with your dd.

marthamoo Mon 10-Jan-05 19:12:19

My 7 year old ds has just been invited to a sleepover - and I have said no, I think he's too young (and that's not miles away with limo's, disco's and the like) Does your daughter not want to go? If she doesn't want to go, and you don't want her to go, I would ring up and make an excuse - lie and say she's ill if necessary. Or tell the truth: ring and say I think she's a little young, my dh didn't realise all it entailed when he said yes. It sounds ridiculously OTT for 7 year olds to me - I would be worried about her being upset and wanting to come home.

Mum2girls Mon 10-Jan-05 19:35:57

Blimey Sharon8, never mind for a 7yo, that sounds like a good night out to me!!

I agree with mm - if your daughter doesn't want to go, don't even think about putting her through it. I'd have a word with the girl's mum, say that you'd rather her first sleepover was a little nearer home just in case your daughter changes her mind and you need to go and fetch her. (and the girl sounds like a bit of a handful if you ask me).

batters Mon 10-Jan-05 20:07:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sharon8 Mon 17-Jan-05 19:16:06

Thanks for the replies. They said what I needed to hear. I did say NO with a lot of discussion and explanation with my dd about 5 minutes after I bashed out my 1st message. She seemed genuinely relieved to have the pressure taken off. Next day a friend rang to ask if we can housesit down at the beach and chase after 2 mad dogs for that weekend. My dd is delighted and that's the excuse I used to the other mother. I do feel this excuse was a bit of a lucky cop-out rather than telling this woman exactly what I thought of her idea. Phew! Good timing for the offer of an escape though for that weekend.

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