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planning our holiday to Disney....

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supersonic Mon 10-Jan-05 15:32:49

We are looking foward to going to Disney, Oralndo in May but everyone we speak to says we should have an itinerary as ther eis so much to do we need to plan - I cannot how we can plan too much when we don't know exactly what to expect what we'll like the distances between park - park - We are staying at the Disney all Stars Resort so if anyone has any useful tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks

bluesky Mon 10-Jan-05 17:24:09

supersonic, if you go to the Travel threads there is quite alot about Disney if you do a search.

tallulah Mon 10-Jan-05 17:27:29

supersonic, we bought the Unofficial guide to Orlando & that was really helpful (can't remember who wrote it but it's in all book shops). Disney covers a massive area but is well served with buses park to park & the monorail service.

KateandtheGirls Mon 10-Jan-05 17:32:30

It really depends on how long you'll be there, how old your kids are, and whether you want to constantly be busy or if you want to build in some downtime (relaxing poolside, for example).

SecondhandRose Tue 11-Jan-05 14:25:47

Supersonic, how old are the children? If they are little go to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom (2 days) and Sea World. We got back yesterday, my DD is 6 and she doesn't enjoy MGM or Epcot. MGM is a lot of indoor shows and Epcot is a lot of restaurants!

If you have a Hopper pass this will let you jump between parks I would recommend you do go to MGM if only for the Fantasmic show (although it is very noisy).

You must buy the Unofficial Guide to WDW, it is a fab book and our Disney 'Bible'.

Staying on Disney property you will be able to get into certain parks an hour early and some now open later for Disney guests. Make sure you take advantage of this as it is well worth making the effort of getting to the park as it opens it's gates.

If you're using Disney transport leave lots of time for travelling as the buses get very busy, we had to squeeze on one the other day (but at least they pack them full).

If you're using your own car and you are going to WDW remember there will be 30 minutes between getting out of your car and getting through the turnstile. (It's quite a trek).

I would also recommend you go to SeaWorld but don't bother with Universal Studios as again it's a lot of faster rides (my 9 year old DS loves it but DD is not keen).

Make sure you go off site to fill up your fridge with drinks and take a cooler bag to carry it in the parks. All the parks hire strollers.

Downtown Disney is great fun and free if you don't buy anything. Take a towel as there are the water fountains to play in. It's on the water and there is a carousel and train to ride and loads of Disney stuff to see and buy plus restaurants.

You must go to Celebration (off the 192 about marker 10). Great little town on the water with shops, restaurants etc. Head for Market Street.

Staying on Disney property you will be able to pool hop to the other resorts. It's a great way of changing the scenery. Old Key West has a great pool as does the Yacht and Beach Club. The Wilderness Lodge has a 'beach' as does the Grand Floridian.

You must book a character breakfast or dinner. We loved the Cinderella dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian but Chef Mickey's buffet is also great at the Contemporary. You can book these months in advance.

Make sure you have plenty of time by the pool as you'll be more tired when you get home than when you left!

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