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childmodelling May 08

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dancerdeb Thu 01-May-08 12:10:31

Mummyeme, went ahead and started it smile
Welcome everyone to our new May thread, and May lots happen, excuse the pun!!

goingfor3 Thu 01-May-08 12:13:20

Hello dancerb,

Has your son been busy lately. DD had a call for a checked availibility for a days shoot in Paris next week but her passport isn't vaild sad.

lyndall Thu 01-May-08 14:03:31

Thanks for starting the new thread Deb. I'm going to reply to your email very soon; yours too Wigglesmum! Sorry for taking so long but it has been manic here.

JAZZ4494 Thu 01-May-08 16:31:06

I have sent some news pics of my dd to KL this week, so touch wood, it may be followed up with a casting. Hope it's a lucky month for all.

julie4travel Thu 01-May-08 16:51:07

good luck to all on castings this week

we had a last min on the day casting this week yet with kids having a friend round at the time so turned it down.

brooke77 Thu 01-May-08 17:17:50

Hi all.. dd was called for a photoshoot from the casting last week, which was a very pleasant surprise !!
Best wishes to all and good luck for many castings and jobs

brooke77 Thu 01-May-08 17:25:42

hi Jazz.. just to say once I changed the pics of my dd with her agent we started hearing from them a lot more ! Good luck for your dd !

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 19:33:55

just putting my 2 penneth in so i'm on thethread, lol

we did early learning centre last week. Nothing this week. sad

gonna get off my arse and get pics of my yummy baby sent in. smile

JAZZ4494 Thu 01-May-08 19:34:09

Brooke..I am hoping that they like the new snaps of her too, and our phone will ring soon. (please) Thanks

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 19:34:26

oh yeah, my ds was in this months junior. He's the one on the piggy back!!

JAZZ4494 Thu 01-May-08 19:39:31

Liahgen, I bet it must be so hard to choose a pic to send in, when they are probably all so cute!

TeaDr1nker Thu 01-May-08 19:39:43

Can i ask how you got your children into child modelling. Some people have suggested it to me. Just wondered what to do.

Thank you.

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 19:54:15

i'll put couple in my profile, you can have a nose.

baby just had chicken pox though so prob won't send any of those, lol

td, just collect few clear snap shots and send them via email or post to agencies.
sit back and wait for phone to ring, grin

TeaDr1nker Thu 01-May-08 19:56:04

Does it really matter if you don't live in the south. I have been doing some looking around and the general impression was that one should ideally live within an hour of london, as 'most' shoots take place there. Is this correct - as i live up north.

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 20:24:51

there are ladies on here, i'm sure they'll be in who know about northen agencies. There are some big ones Manchester I believe.

dancerdeb Thu 01-May-08 20:57:28

goingfor, that sounded like a fantastic shoot, get your dd's passport sorted asapwink
Have passed on my email to Julie, so we can have a chat?
Hi Liaghen is your ds coming out in June or in the May version of Junior? well done you!!
HI Lyndall, Wigglesmum, Mummyeme, Julie havent heard from you lot for ages LOL
Rubystarr where are you??????
sorry all feeling chatty!!

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 21:03:23

deb, tis the junior that's out now. Boy's messing aroundin a playing field in flat caps and stuff, lol.

liahgen Thu 01-May-08 21:04:30

got some pics of kids on there. x

dancerdeb Thu 01-May-08 21:28:09

Sorry Brooke, I also meant to say congrats on your dd's shoot, bet she enjoyed it, what was it for?
Liaghen, had a peep and your children are really lovely grin

julie4travel Fri 02-May-08 08:52:30

brooke77 well done on the photoshoot

tredrinker there is agents up north such as boss in manchester, dk in sheffield,bizzy kidz take on all over. depends where you are located. try looking at for a list of reputable agencies

liahgen - nice looking kiddes and big blue eyes on your little un

mummyeme Fri 02-May-08 09:15:42

Dancerdeb, still here. Dds been to a few castings lately so fingers crossed. Sitting here waiting for her leotard to arrive, she's just started Gymnastics which she loves, but very scary to see her on a beam for me (totally safe but still). Liaghen, hope your babies better now. Well done to your kiddies they're gorgeous and must keep you really busy.
Good luck everyone, well done brooke77. Rubystarr come back!!!!!!!!!!!!x

MoonlitBay Fri 02-May-08 11:04:41

Hi - Does anyone here have any experience of Bubblegum Agency? I applied to a few agencies and these seem to be the best of the bunch who have accepted my 8 year old. Do they have a good reputation? Thank you!

brooke77 Fri 02-May-08 12:01:55

moonlitbay.. from what i've heard bubblegum are a very good agency and have a very good reputation in the business. my dd was also accepted by them and i defintely considered them seriously before making my choice. their fees seem very responable too. i'd go for it if your 8 yr year old has been accepted and well done ! good luck !

MoonlitBay Fri 02-May-08 12:27:02

Thank you Brooke77 - That's very reassuring!

liahgen Fri 02-May-08 13:09:32


I have personal experience of bubblegum and they are fab. I knew Heather who used to run it and my kids were with them for a couple of years. Sadly, Heather passed away a couple of years ago, and now her husband runs it. Took them a while to get going after Heather's death but they are back on form now. I know lots peopl with them. Heather was very respected in the industry and alot of companies are loyal to them. Thaey got lots variety, tv, films, etc


Deb, what was that website again for the monologue, haven't done it yet.

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