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Kiddiecare Vs DA Nursery and Toys

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waitinggame Mon 10-Jan-05 10:59:16

Having looked at both these webiste they both seem to offer very good value for money.

My dh and I were planning a trip to Kiddiecare to look at nursery furniture and baby things. However I have been told that DA Nursery is also huge and very good.

Has anyone been to both???? Can anyone tell me which is the bigger / better store???

Both shops are about a 2 hour drive from us so I don't want to waste a whole day going to the wrong store.

Any advice / recommendations would be grately appreciated

TIA xxx

sweetheart Mon 10-Jan-05 11:02:01

I've heard of Kiddicare and was thinking of going there myself.

Although after phoning them the other day they don't seem to stock Bebecar furniture which is what I wanted.

I'll have to look at the webiste for the other place you mentioned - where is it?

waitinggame Mon 10-Jan-05 11:03:31

It's in Canterbury.

Their website is:-

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