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Another dog topic!! How often do you walk yours?

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oxocube Sun 09-Jan-05 19:43:07

How often and where do you exercise your dog(s)? We have had our first dog (a lab/possible greyhound cross) for four months now and I often wonder if he gets enough exercise. He is 2 yrs old and un-neutered and I take him to the local woods/ heathland twice a day for about 30 mins each time, where he is off the lead and runs like a mad thing chasing rabbits and he has another 3 short walks of about 10-15 mins each on the lead. Do you think this is enough? How much do you walk your dogs?

jmg1 Sun 09-Jan-05 19:48:10

Message withdrawn

oxocube Sun 09-Jan-05 19:53:47

What kind of dog JMG1?

jmg1 Sun 09-Jan-05 19:57:30

Message withdrawn

oxocube Sun 09-Jan-05 20:01:20

Border terriers are lovely. This is the dog I begged for throughout my childhood and never got!

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 09-Jan-05 20:03:16

We used to walk ours (beagle) twice a day but we've moved to a house with a big garden so he doesn't go out as much now.

CountessDracula Sun 09-Jan-05 20:04:54

between an hour and two hours a day. She is a big lazy dog and sometimes has to be dragged out!

jmg1 Sun 09-Jan-05 20:05:28

Message withdrawn

triceratops Sun 09-Jan-05 20:06:32

We are not allowed to walk ours anymore (he's a lurcher too) as his joints are worn out and he is old, poor thing. Try explaining that to him though!

He used to get 30 mins a day and a couple of hours at the weekend if the weather was nice.

oxocube Sun 09-Jan-05 20:13:24

Those of you who let your dogs into the garden, do you find they pee, poo, leave scent like mad? I don't let mine into my tiny garden (a yard really) much unsupervised as he pees all over my pots/ herbs etc. and I would much rather take him out where he can have a good run. Possibily this is to do with the scent of my 3 cats and the fact that he is an entire male.

oxocube Sun 09-Jan-05 20:17:56

jmg, I remember one Christmas really well where all I had asked for was a border terrier and my parents hadn't said no so obviously, on Christmas day, I expected a dog! There had been lots of 'we'll sees' and my dad was quite keen but I think my mum had put her foot down at the last minute. I can still remember how devastated I felt when she told me she didn't want a dog

triceratops Mon 10-Jan-05 20:25:07

the bigger the dog the more mess they make and you do have to pick it all up in doggy doo bags if you dont want to end up on life of grime. yuck face emoticon

FrenchGirl Mon 10-Jan-05 20:47:06

Our 8 months old Lakeland Terrier gets one walk a day, between 45 mn and an hour, and then plays in the house and has several runs in the back garden. He is a very energetic dog and loves going out for walks, but he also needs playtime with us.

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 20:49:42

is he called michelle?

FrenchGirl Mon 10-Jan-05 20:51:07

CD????? quoi???
>thick emoticon<

doggiewalker Mon 10-Jan-05 20:58:48

Oh this should be my thread! Sounds like yours is getting a good amount of exericse Oxocube. Ours gets up to 3 walks a day on a normal school type day, and longer walks on a weekend, with him joining my dh for runs whenever possible. I feel terribly guilty if he can't have his usual quota of walks for one reason or another. Ours is a cross breed, black and tan with a lovely, but slightly timid, personality.

doggiewalker Mon 10-Jan-05 21:00:15

I should add that its ME who walks him to school and back before rushing off to work, ME who comes home at lunchtime to give him his 30 mins and ME who walks him after school. !!!

milliways Mon 10-Jan-05 21:01:37

My DH takes our GSD to the park for a mad run twice a day. If he's in too late, goes for a mad dash round the garden (v.large garden). He is too mnad for me to take out though.

CountessDracula Tue 11-Jan-05 09:24:32

Frenchgirl - Michelle from Lakeland

FineFigureFio Tue 11-Jan-05 09:25:12

try to do it everyday, but sometimes it isnt possible when dd is off school

secur Tue 11-Jan-05 09:32:29

Message withdrawn

miranda2 Tue 11-Jan-05 10:02:15

oh dear, now I feel terribly guilty... our dog used to get a half hour a day plus 15 mins, but when I'm pregnant that seems to disappear to a couple of long walks a week, and being let out into the garden to pee every so often...
at least she is getting on a bit so doesn't want quite as much exercise anymore (doesn't chase sticks anymore etc), but I do feel guilty.

Mothernature Tue 11-Jan-05 10:06:26

3 times a day normally sometime more 1hr in morning when kids have gone to school 3/4 hr in afternoon before tea and again 1 hr around 8:00pm although he does sometimes, (depending on the temperature) get to pulling a dog scooterfor a few miles....he loves it..

secur Tue 11-Jan-05 10:10:02

Message withdrawn

birdsong Tue 11-Jan-05 10:31:59

Hi I take black Lab out in morning for about 45 mins. But because it is so dark and cold I struggle to motivate kids to go for a walk after school unless I put him in car so they have no choice but that means dirty shoes and uniform. dh only gets in at 7ish so then he gets a walk around the roads on the lead. Sometimes ds 13 takes him out by himself - I worry about this but dh thinks he is old enough . Is he ?

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