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Thanks Direct Health 2000 and Tesco for a bloody waste of 4 hours

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galaxy Sun 09-Jan-05 15:01:20

Am fuming. Had dd's rubells jab booked at the DH2000 Outreach clinic in Reading today. Got a letter just before Christmas reminding me of the appointment so explained that we were going and what was going to happen.

Took me an hour to get there, woke her up as she'd crashed out in the car, get inside the venue and told by receptionist it was cancelled on Thursday. Would it have been too much to ask them to call me or write to me to tell me?

So decided to go to Tescos for a Roast beef dinner which dd was looking forward to. Get in an enormous queue, get to the counter and no roast. INstead just some greasy looking brunch offering or pizza. There was some veg though, so asked for a plate of veg, some potatos and sausages for her. Can't do that - they're not allowed to mix and match. So I said I'd pay for the brunch and just replace the bacon and egg with veg. Not allowed to she says. I said I'd complain and go to TEsco Customer Service desk where I'm told they can't help as it's a Franchise but she went and got the cafe manager.

He listened and went out the back for 5 minutes only never to reappear and send this snotty woman out who told me she couldn't help me and accused me of screaming. (Never even raised my voice).

I asked why they had veg and no meat and was told it was there to go with gammon and thats all I was allowed to have with it.

She finally agreed to do sausage egg and beans (still refused veg) and then just got that served and out comes a joint of roast beef!

Total waste of 4 hours.

nutcracker Sun 09-Jan-05 15:06:32

Bloody hell, what a day.

Our asda now have that stupid policy too.

We went a while back on a sunday morning for brekkie as there had been a power cut by us.
Me and dp had a full english breakfast but the dd's only wanted scrambled egg beans and sausage which they apparently could not do, it HAD to be a set breakfast.

galaxy Sun 09-Jan-05 15:10:03

Oh and forgot that when I called dh to tell him my tale of woe,he told me to go and meet him for lunch fromwork and when I got there he was too busy to come out so that wasted another 45 minutes

Cant wait to see what excuse DH2000 come up with. Am more angry about that obviously than the Tesco business - that was just the icing on the cake.

suedonim Sun 09-Jan-05 17:06:09

Our Asda has replaced its restaurant with a McDonalds so you can have a burger, a burger or a burger. You can't even get as much as a doughnut. I bought a sandwich in the shop and ate it in McD's, fully expecting to be chucked out for some dining rules infringement. I felt really sorry for people with babies and toddlers to feed, as there was nothing for them, and also the older folk who used to look forward to Friday fish and chips, for a treat.

JulieF Sun 09-Jan-05 20:04:30

Don't get me started on Tesco cafe. Arrived there at 11.40 with very hungry baby and toddler. All the food was out ready and waiting, just covered up. Asked for a roast dinner for dd and me and shepherds pie for dh.

Sorry its not 12.00pm yet, we can;t serve you, you can have a snack or a breakfast instead.

The food was there, cooked and ready ffs.

Flossam Sun 09-Jan-05 20:10:16

Our tescos serves ready meals. Is that normal?

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 09-Jan-05 20:12:09

Frustrating stuff.

JulieF Sun 09-Jan-05 20:13:46

Yes Flossam, that was another thing, dh's sheperds pie was just a ready meal. They even left the plastic film on, just peeled it back a bit.

galaxy Tue 11-Jan-05 13:39:29

Got a letter from Direct Health 2000 today dated 6th January saying Sunday was cancelled coz of shortage of Mumps vaccines and so there was no point running the clinic for a few rubella and measles jabs.

Not much help to me when they didn't send the letter in time to arrive before Sunday!

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