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Bl..dy fleas again - help

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Nimme Sun 09-Jan-05 13:07:20

Our cat has fleas again. As he does not go outside they must be living in carpets etc. We treat him with Frontline and it does seem to do the trick - for a few weeks and then we're back to square one

Does anyone know the best product to treat carpets etc.???

tangerinecath Sun 09-Jan-05 13:22:52

Nimme it's horrible isn't it? My cat gets them from time to time and has them at the moment. Tomorrow I'm off to our vets to get some stuff that dh was told about when he took the cat for his jabs a couple of months ago. Apparently you put it on the cat like frontline and it treats the whole house. Not sure what it's called, will get back to you tomorrow evening when I've gor hold of some.

Alternatively you could keep reapplying the frontline every so often whether your cat has fleas or not. Nor sure what the interval should be, but I'm sure it'll tell you on the packaging.


misdee Sun 09-Jan-05 13:24:54

the vets should be able to provide you with an aeresol for killing fleas in the home. You spry it leberally over carpets/soft furnishing etc and closer the door to the room. go thro all rooms like this. probably best to make sure kids are out for the day as its not great using the aeresol if anyone has asthma etc.

RTKangaMummy Sun 09-Jan-05 13:31:14

we use bombs from TESCO

they are called FOGGERS

they really work brill

we used to use program which makes flea eggs infertile

but our 2 cats keep killing things and so get more fleas

Nimme Sun 09-Jan-05 14:43:26

tangerinecath - sounds great, will you let me know what it's called.

rtkanga - what do you mean by a "bomb"?

misdee - also thanks - will resort to aerosol if nothing better.

Bunglie Sun 09-Jan-05 14:46:46

I moved into a house where they had a dog. The carpets were infested with very hungry fleas....ahg! at the thought.
The best tip I got was to put a flea collar in your vacume cleaner that way they can't breed in the bag/cylinder or the eggs hatch out. HTH

Amanda3266 Sun 09-Jan-05 14:47:14

There is an aerosol you can get from the vets which is excellent. Can't think of the name of it off hand but they'll know what you mean.
My cat went through a really bad phase of this and I asked my vet how she was getting them when she didn't go out. She told me that it was because they come in on humans - you only need one outdoor cat with them to infect every indoor cat neighbouring it.
Also the eggs are really difficult to kill and can hibernate for ages. The aerosol helps kill them off and suggests that you hoover first to stimulate the eggs then spray and then wait and then hoover again - they recommended twice a day for two weeks. It was a pain but it worked.


RTKangaMummy Sun 09-Jan-05 14:49:50

FOGGERS are things that you buy @ TESCO

you use one per room and you put them on a chair and then press down a button and then leave the room for 2 hours or more they create loads of smoke

we always take the cushions off settee and stand up vertically etc so that the greatest surface area is covered.

If you like you can turn up settee to get underneath.

We do whole house even the hall and go out for afternoon

when you come home open windows but it doesn't really smell any more.


miggy Sun 09-Jan-05 14:55:44

The frontline that stops fleas breeding in house is called Frontline Comb0-very good.
Apply every 6 weeks, normal frontline every 5 weeks, so although sl more expensive, actually works out same price.
House sprays-various, including Acclaim and Staykill. Just need to do house once a year. Do whole house, even rooms cat doesnt go as eggs will travel on your shoes. Hoover first then spray then dont hoover for a few days (good excuse!) Just be careful if you have tropical fish or birds.

Nimme Sun 09-Jan-05 14:58:50

No tropical fish or birds but 5 week old baby - is it safe?

miggy Sun 09-Jan-05 15:02:27

it should be ok, supposedly beneficial for children with asthma as kills house dust mites. Would suggest spray house then take baby out for few hours then open windows and air off to decrease fumes. There is a number on the can and you could ring the technical helpline to check first.

oops Mon 10-Jan-05 18:55:04

Message withdrawn

tangerinecath Mon 10-Jan-05 22:01:30

Nimme, I got some stuff from the vet tonight and it's the Frontline Combo. It was £15 for three treatments, but worth every penny if it works!

CarrieG Mon 10-Jan-05 22:03:33

We get FAR fewer now we're living in a house with wooden floors not carpets - & my asthma's loads better too. Bit drastic to rip up the carpet but worth considering!

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