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Xmas panic!

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florenceuk Thu 19-Dec-02 10:47:37

Anybody like me? 19 Dec, yesterday I wrote out my Xmas cards and have yet to send them (for NZ, US and Oz, so bound to be late). Lots of Xmas presents as yet un-purchased. Haven't bought anything to entertain DS on long plane flight to NZ (any tips please!!). Nothing to wear for the wedding we are going to in NZ and nothing for DS to wear either. Last day at work is Friday, urgent report to do. Desperately in need of haircut/eyebrow shape/new make-up. And DH is off to Xmas lunch and won't be back before midnight tonight (if I'm lucky). And still looking at Mumsnet - must be ill....

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Dec-02 10:56:31

florenceuk, yep, me too. Wrote a to do list last night and it's horrendous. Doesn't involve weddings and big trips though!

RosieT Thu 19-Dec-02 11:01:04

OH GOD!!!! is all I can say. (Sorry, that's not in the least helpful.) When I started reading your post about Christmas cards to send, I thought, oh yes, that's me – sent mine to Oz yesterday (will probably arrive sometime mid jan) and received one this morning from a friend in the States who'd somehow slipped off my list. Frantic emailing ensued.
Now, listen. DON'T PANIC. It'll be summer for your wedding in NZ, so no point in patrolling shops here. Do you have a well-dressed friend who's wardrobe you could raid? Trusted friend/family member in NZ who could do a quick shop for you there? Airports often have well-stocked branches of Boots/The Body Shop, so leave make-up til then. Eyebrow shape can be fitted in while DH is at Xmas lunch (bit of vaseline and a pair of fine tweezers available in the bathroom).
Let us know how old DS is and I'm sure one of us will come up with an entertaining idea for the flight.
Now get on with that report!

slug Thu 19-Dec-02 11:58:28

Have you got a digital camera? Take a photo of ds looking adorable, add a Happy Xmas note, email to everyone you know. Christmas card problem solved. Works especially for the NZ and OZ relatives. Plus you get to justify the time spent on the computer.

I agree with RosieT, there's no way you are going to get something suitable for a summer wedding in the UK shops at this time of year. Plant yourself at one of the makeup counters and let those scary women work out your makeup problems for you.

Jaybee Thu 19-Dec-02 13:44:59

Lots of lists are what you need. Priority 1 - get that work report done now!! Then you will be happy to escape from work a bit earlier - If dh is out tonight then sort yourself out, get your eyebrows done, give yourself a manicure and sort out a bag of bits for ds for the flight - when do you fly? Find him a few small toys that have slipped to the back of the cupboards like a Thomas train or a few cars, maybe some snap cards, small colouring books or dot to dot books and some pencil crayons, favourite story books - if he is much younger, just take a few nice small books, some stacking cups are always handy - square ones are better as they don't roll around the plane!!, maybe a small baby mirror!!
Current practice is that you have to be at the airport at least two hours before you fly - could you get your hair cut there - buy your makeup there too - you can pre-order your shopping at main airports and collect when you get there - maybe worth contacting the airport.
Re. Christmas - get dh to have ds tomorrow after work and do a late night shopping trip - try and make use of shops that wrap stuff for you or buy gift bags or boxes - works out a bit more pricey but worth it - even easier would be to buy vouchers.
Re. the wedding - do you really, really have to buy something new - is there nothing in your wardrobe that you could re-use or as RosieT suggests borrow something from a frient and maybe buy some new sandals and a bag - re. ds - do you have a friend who may have an outfit for him?

florenceuk Thu 19-Dec-02 21:22:40

Thanks for the ideas. Feeling slightly better as cracked the back of that report today and will easily finish it off tomorrow. But didn't send the Xmas cards - bugger.

DS is one by the way, so I guessed little books, maybe his stacking cups, what else??? Doctor will not prescribe me a sedative (like Phenergan) as he says it is too unpredictable - any views?

RosieT Thu 19-Dec-02 21:30:51

Personally, I'd steer clear of knockout drops. DH's parents, both of whom were medics used to dose him up for long journeys with results varying from hyperactivity to strange rashes. Didn't seem to put 'em off though. Board books & stacking cups both good ideas, and what about getting one of those activity centres, if you've enough space, with loads of buttons to press/things to fiddle with – probably send your fellow passengers round the bend, but will keep him quiet. For a bit, anyway.

SofiaAmes Thu 19-Dec-02 23:06:51

florenceuk, Americans will not be insulted if their xmas cards come late. Why not buy the wedding gear in nz when you arrive. It's bound to be cheaper. Buy lots of sweets and toys for ds at airport for long flight. He will probably spend most of his time playing with the remote control for the inflight entertainment anyway. Get haircut/eyebrow shape/new make-up at airport when leaving or in nz when you arrive. Dh probably wouldn't be much help even if he were home.
Does that help!?

cazzybabs Thu 19-Dec-02 23:19:55

he he he - for once have done nearly all my xmas shopping save for dd god parents!

ANyway Florenceuk have a fantastic time - you will look beatiful and your son will behave on the flight! Am very jealous - hope Father Christmas brings me tickets to somewhere hot and beach like!

Bron Sat 21-Dec-02 21:06:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Sun 22-Dec-02 00:50:30

florenceuk - have a wonderful time in NZ. My cousin is getting married in NZ in about three weeks - I've only just realised how close it is - and I'm gutted we can't go out to be there.

Shopping will be much easier when you are out there. I remember looking out of hotel window in Christchurch a week or so before Xmas and asking DH where all the traffic was at 8.30am. He looked out at the crossroads, coupla cars in each direction - 'That's a traffic jam here' he quipped!

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