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Slightly drunken soliloquy from marthamoo...

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marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:02:13

Just watched Calendar Girls - which I haven't seen before (very good, I highly recommend it). And it got me thinking about MN - we are (mostly) women, and we are great - as a sex, I mean. A saw a few posters today say that they are not really friends with many women because, as a sex, thay are bitchy. And, sad to say, that's kind of true. But we are also capable of great things - we are empathetic, sympathetic, we feel, we are (lots of us anyway) mothers - and, as such, we are members of that "everyMum" club. That's the club that makes us grieve for the mothers who have been made bereft by the Tsunami, and grieve for every Mum who has lost a child. Because even if we have no direct experience of that kind of loss we love our children so much that our worst fear is of losing them - and that is our worst imagining, in our darkest hour.

So - dh has just come in and said I will regret this in the morning, and maybe he's right, que sera - what I wanted to say is this. We do fall out, we do disagree (seen a lot of it on her the last few days). We do get bogged down in the trivial and petty squabbles of day to day life on MN. But we have so much to offer each other here - solidarity and sisterhood (you really need to see Calendar Girls) and MN has the potential to be really great. Maybe it hasn't been just lately - but it usually is and we usually offer each other the kind of support you just can't find elsewhere.

Anyway, drunken rantings over. Shall I press post? Oh, what the Hell?

JanH Sun 09-Jan-05 00:03:38

lovely post, moo.


SenoraPostrophe Sun 09-Jan-05 00:07:01

aaaah, mm.

I liked Calendar Girls too. And it's about time someone stuck up for us.

also well done for spelling soliloquy while drunk.

Tinker Sun 09-Jan-05 00:07:48

Phew! Was worried you were going to suggest we all get our clothes off for a calendar.

Blossomhill Sun 09-Jan-05 00:08:15

Marttamoo - you are so lovely!!! I am drunk too!!
Must watch Calender Girls

ScummyMummy Sun 09-Jan-05 00:10:13

go moo.

RadioTimeskangamummy Sun 09-Jan-05 00:11:40

lol tinker thats is what I thought she meant

lovely post BTW marthamoo

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:12:31

Ha! See, dh - they are not saying "oh piss off you pissed woman"

You are all fab and, oh, am I going to have a hangover in the morning.

fairyfly Sun 09-Jan-05 00:13:35

Marthamoo you wont regret this its lovely, i have had regrets of drunken posts and no what im talking about, take care, sweet lady

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:14:56

FF, I just wanted to post re: having sex for a McDonald's but dh said I wasn't allowed. but he's not looking now so I'll be over there...

wild Sun 09-Jan-05 00:17:48

Is that with dh Marthamoo? right now I could murder a burger. They are debating sex for £15000 somewhere else but right now it would have to be a takeway

fairyfly Sun 09-Jan-05 00:18:59

ok mm i will look out

soapbox Sun 09-Jan-05 00:21:13

Marthamoo - what a lovely post

I've had a rough few days with mn but you know I wouldn't change it either

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:22:12

soapbox, I am glad you have stayed xxx

soapbox Sun 09-Jan-05 00:22:52

Me too

wild Sun 09-Jan-05 00:27:52

and me

soapbox Sun 09-Jan-05 00:31:45

Thanks wild

wild Sun 09-Jan-05 00:35:20

night night
sleep well

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:38:12

OK, this drunken person going to bed now. I am glad no-one thought it was silly - it was truly heartfelt. I love MN and I wouldn't be without it - you are a great bunch of people. Night night XXX

fairyfly Sun 09-Jan-05 00:39:35

Night Night x

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:40:12

Night, babes XX

soapbox Sun 09-Jan-05 00:40:34

Night night - hope you don't have a sore head in the morning

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:41:21

I'm sure I will...and dh working so no lie in for me

Christie Sun 09-Jan-05 00:46:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:51:55

We're not such a bad bunch are we?

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