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Electronic Voice Phenomena - anyone know more about it?

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Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 23:34:03

Now, I don't believe in ghosts at all (if I "saw" one I could rationalise it away) and I don't believe in an after life but...

...there was a feature about this on Richard & Judy which was rather spooky in that quite exciting to feel spooked kind of way. But teh recordings were very unconvincing nonetheless. I know there's an, allegedly, crappy film out about it - White Noise - but does anyone know more? There are lots of links on internet for it - some with recordings . Far too creeped out to listen. But still...interesting.

tillykins Sat 08-Jan-05 23:43:41

nah, load of rubbish!

Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 23:54:40

I know but...want someone to tell me something challenging. Just like being spooked. Did you see the R&J programme? Couldn't make out a bloody word.

WestCountryLass Sun 09-Jan-05 00:06:52

I saw it on R & J and I was unconvinced too. Sorry, no info from me!

pinkroses Sun 09-Jan-05 00:54:35

Not sure if I believe in ghosts, but did see white niose and thought it was absolute rubbish!! What a waste of money!!

Did see the E.V.P on This morning with Philip schofield and he was taking the mick out of woman trying to prove it......he made a valid point though, about if ghosts wanted to contact us....why make it so hard for us to understand them!!!!!

My mum believes she has seen a ghost, but I don't know what I should believe. My mum believes all things like this.

Snugs Sun 09-Jan-05 01:05:37

I believe in spirits - but personally think EVP is a load of rubbish. Hearing voices in white noise is like hearing words when you play a record backwards - do it enough times and you can convince yourself there is something there - if you want to hear it.

Spirits can and do communicate by much easier means - why would they bother with this twaddle. Having said that, the Vatican put a lot of money into researching this many years ago and apparently had amazing results (but that might be an urban myth)

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